Logic 1.2.19 Beta - 1.2.29 Beta

Why are the latest releases all marked as Beta - is it because of the deactivation “feature” explained here?

And are there any downsides to expect if one would bypass it with this workaround?

@Guti This is a great question, and prompted me to update our Logic 1.x download page below to describe this in more detail:

Hopefully the new content I’ve added to the support article helps answer your question! Let me know if you have any other questions about it.

Why is it called a Beta Release?

Logic 1.2.18 was the last release of Logic 1.x that we denoted as a “stable” release and was made availble on our main download page. Releases after 1.2.18 were denoted as “Beta” while we slowly implemented a brand new real-time view feature, with the plans of releasing a “stable” release once we’ve confirmed that the version was in fact stable.

During that time, we also began work on a completely revamped version of our software, Logic 2, which is available now. While deciding to soley focus on improving the Logic 2 software, we ultimately decided to halt our efforts on releasing a final “stable” release of Logic 1.x, which we would have called Logic 1.2.30.

Although Logic 1.2.29 has the “Beta” title attached to it, we do recommend it over Logic 1.2.18 and consider it as stable at this point. We simply decided not to spend time and resources away from Logic 2 development to remove the “Beta” text from the 1.2.29 software in addition to fixing the “Unsupported Version” error that we describe above.

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