Alpha Release 5

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Hi All,

This is an interim release that shows what we’re working on for Timing Markers. I had hoped to have Protocol Analyzers and Electron in here but we’re not quite there yet. Timing Markers also needs more love in terms of making “pairs”, so I won’t post a video this time.

Low expectations please: This alpha is rough, unstable, and lacks crucial functionality.

Note: It is our goal to have the alpha software stable enough to use for real work by July 1.

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I’ve just gave Alpha 5 a try.

I haven’t tested it in real case: I’ve only played with the demo generated signals.

Here are some comments / suggestions:

  • I really like the interface: it is clean and easy to read, with high contrast.

  • Everything is displayed with large fonts and takes much space. Screen real-estate is a constrained resource, so I would suggest to optimise how it is used.

  • Make the colour mark of the signal larger. It is early visible.

The post is split as I am only authorised to include one picture.

  • I’m not a big fan of collapsable panes as they require rather elaborate mouse gestures. Could a double-click be used instead to open and close the pane?


  • Similar remark for sub-sub-pane, here for trigger configuration? Sticking with two levels (first displayed, second asked for) would be better.

Please answer this post so I could continue posting the remaining parts.

We’ll make it happen! Both the channels ‘sidebar’ on the left and the sidebar on the right will be easily collapsible and adjustable.

Will do.

Sorry about that, I’ve removed the default limitations for new users.

Absolutely. We will replace with some sort of open/close button most likely.

I don’t quite follow – very interested in what you mean though – could you elaborate?

Hey, thank you for the help rei_vilo! Super appreciated.

First, the other comments and suggestions:

  • Please make the analog line stronger as it is difficult to read on a MacBook Retina.

I remember some suggestions I made earlier:

  • Provide a QuickTime-like selection of the trace to extract a part of it, in yellow below.

  • Leverage the RGB LED of the Saleae logic analyser to signal different states: e.g. yellow while waiting for trigger, red when recording, white for memory overflow, green for inactive, …

Good luck with the development!

Currently, the interface shows 3 levels:

  • Level 1: list of channels
  • Level 2: (?), shown when swiping 1-swipe-2.
  • Level 3: I guess it is about defining the trigger, shown when clicking on 2-click-3.

About Level 2, sorry, I don’t understand what it corresponds to.

For an optimised GUI, sticking with two levels (i.e. Level 1 and Level 2) is recommended.

In that case, the button 2-click-3 would appear in Level 1, close to the name of the channel as in the current version 1.2.29.

:+1: Will do.

:+1: It’s on the board, tentatively slated for Q4 this year. What I have in mind is where whatever is in the current view is simply exported, by itself, into a new tab. There could be other methods too, will explore more when we’re ready to start working on it.

:+1: It’s on the board, tentatively slated for Q4 this year.

Thanks! We’re excited about it!

Thanks for the clarification!

It’s not obvious - because there is a lot of clean up that needs to happen, but the “level 2” you describe is what we call the “Scope View” i.e. Oscilloscope View. See the video here: Alpha Release 4 . The “trigger settings button” is specific to the Scope View, that’s why it’s on that panel. “Capture start triggering” like in the old software has moved here:

That said, it does feel like a step backwards in some respects (decoupling the trigger settings from the Channel Labels that is) but will def. be revisited over time.

Thanks, it looks like I missed an episode!

So now, I understand the scope view better.

Something that would have been useful to me the other day is the ability to specify the time on a measurement. I was trying to count the positive pulses in a 60 second period and I could zoom in at each end and carefully click drag the measurement, but if we could have a properties dialog that actually has the start and end positions in seconds that I could have just put in a 0 and 60, that would have been much easier.