Alpha Release 6

I would love to hear from you! Any feedback is helpful – please reply to this thread or start a new one!


  • Electron! (no more Chrome)
  • Severed all ties with the old codebase
  • Crash reporting
  • Considerable re-architecture under the hood.
  • Timing Markers
  • Export

Protocol analyzers did not make the cut - more issues were uncovered. Also, Save/Load didn’t make it in - barely.

There is a known USB problem causing captures to ‘abort’ when lots of bandwidth is used. Mark’s working on that.

Rani & Anthony will have Analyzers ready in a few more days, maybe a week. There’s also about ~10 high priority issues in work.

There also a lot of pending UI updates, including improving the colors that will make it in shortly.

Low expectations please: This alpha is rough, unstable, and lacks crucial functionality.


Note: It is our goal to have the alpha software stable enough to use for real work by J̶u̶l̶y̶ ̶1̶ August 1.

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Coming up - 90+% done

  • Protocol analyzers
  • Save/load
  • High priority issue fixes

Planned for this Quarter (Q3)

  • Analyzer Search
  • Analyzer Sequence Search
  • Analyzer Results Export
  • Improved capture configuration UI/UX
  • Proper settings persistence
  • Context-sensitive help
  • Proper shortcuts
  • Delete channels
  • Trim capture
  • Wall-clock time display
  • analog/digital proper alignment
  • Analog channel v2
  • App performance metrics
  • Sidebar resize and collapse
  • Auto-update
  • Digital Scope-View
  • Trigger-on-Analog
  • Scope-View v2
  • Performance improvements
  • Comprehensive USB reliability testing (internal)
  • Themes
  • Art updates / polish

Wow! Alpha 6 is looking great. However, one thing that’s really bugged me about the previous versions as well as this new Alpha set off release is the way that the right and left side of the thing I’m really interested in (the horizontal traces) is taken up with stuff I don’t really care about that much (the “Start” button on the right and the Channel names on the left). A big usability improvement would be to allow both of these things to be minimized when I don’t need them so that as the capture is progressing and I’m doing my manual analysis of the resulting data traces they’re not taking up super-precious space. The more horizontal space that I can see my traces, the better. In fact, with the existing Logic (1.2.29 Beta) I’ll commonly stretch the Logic window horizontally across my three monitors so I can get more trace pixels in front of my eyeballs.



Hey, thanks Brian!

Agreed. Collapsible and resizable sidebars are coming this quarter (probably within a month I would guess).

Here’s a UI mockup in the meantime. What do you think?

Alpha6 nearly instantly crashes on me with Ubuntu 19.04 (linux obviously). I tried twice and told it to go ahead and send the crash report both times. Hopefully that helps to narrow it down.

This is all I see on the console when trying to run it:

(logic:9842): Gtk-WARNING **: 19:32:57.413: Theme parsing error: gtk.css:68:35: The style property GtkButton:child-displacement-x is deprecated and shouldn’t be used anymore. It will be removed in a future version

(logic:9842): Gtk-WARNING **: 19:32:57.413: Theme parsing error: gtk.css:69:35: The style property GtkButton:child-displacement-y is deprecated and shouldn’t be used anymore. It will be removed in a future version

(logic:9842): Gtk-WARNING **: 19:32:57.413: Theme parsing error: gtk.css:73:46: The style property GtkScrolledWindow:scrollbars-within-bevel is deprecated and shouldn’t be used anymore. It will be removed in a future version

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Ouch! We’re on it – thank you Collin! The crash reports should be super useful (first real test of this). Will update soon.

Same thing on Debian 10, just after click it crashes (not even able to see the interface) same console message as Collin and it kept running on the background

And on Windows 7 home (virtual machine) I was met with this

We’re on it – thanks Luis! Will update soon.

Joe - those mockups look AWESOME! Yes, that will work just fine and will be a huge help. Thanks!

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Woo! Thanks Brian, we’ll make it happen!


Getting rid of separate Google Chrome for Electron is a great improvement.

Please find below my comments:

  • Screen real estate is limited, and Alpha Release 6 still consume a lot of it.
  • Grey on black labels are almost impossible to read.
  • Same for the very thick colour bands for the channels. Please make them larger!
  • I am still not convinced by the click-and-drag mode to get the oscilloscope view. Please allow double-clicking of the three points to open and close the view!
  • Please ensure menues offer only two levels, not three.

  • On the Export panel, does light grey mention a selected channel?

Most suggestions done Jun 11 on Alpha Release 5 remain valid.

Does the Analyzer Search planned for Q3 allow search on multiple bytes, e.g. 0x20 0x10 on I²C with 0x20 as I²C address and 0x10 for register?

Good luck with the developement!

Thank you Rei!

Does the collapsing of the left and right panels (and resizing them) solve this do you think? (See UI mockup further up)

How’s this looking?


How about this?

In work.

Will fix, thanks!



Thanks for the detailed feedback! Sorry this latest release has so many rough edges still. We focused on the most critical issues at the exclusion of all else just to get it out the door. But not to worry, we’re on top of the rest of it.

You’re welcome!

It’s promising. I’ll have a closer look when the collapsable panels are implemented.

Not enough readable: please use full white and possibly bold fonts.

How many pixels? On a Retina display, I would need twice as much.

That’s much better.

Especially saving a portion of the trace, but it looks like Time Range to Export has an option Between ? and ?.

That’s great news!

No problem, I understand the iteration process with each release fixing targeted issues or implementing new features.

We’ll improve the readability further, thanks!

Looks to be 2px on low dpi, 4 px on retina.

I would suggest twice as many pixels: 4 on low dpi, 8 on retina.

Well noted, thank you. We’ll should have a release by the end of the data, let me know what you think if it. It’s not 8px (high dpi) yet but is better.