Alpha 14

This is the 14th alpha release, 2.1.1. It’s a minor release with a handful of fixes and improvements.

We would love to hear your feedback on every release! Please reply here and share your experience - screen recordings are welcomed!

We’re still focused on the experience of protocol analyzers.



The *.AppImage file will require execute permissions, e.g. chmod +x Logic-2.1.1-master.AppImage

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What’s new

  • Updating the software on Windows now takes 3 clicks. Still working on MacOS & Linux, where it now downloads the new version but does not install it. (Note this doesn’t help until AFTER you’ve installed this update :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )


  • UI improvements for the main menu, analyzer settings, and the device selector.
  • Added a new keyboard shortcut help menu.


  • The measurements right-click menu is now easy to open
  • The protocol results panel width now resizes nicely with the protocol results table columns widths.

New main menu UI


Keyboard shortcuts list

Device Selector

It seems like the default scale for analog channels is +/- 10V, and the scale does not automatically adjust to the signal like in v1.2.19, so the signals look pretty small if I don’t go in and scroll manually.

I don’t know what would be a good default for most people, personally I’m working with battery powered stuff, so I don’t need anything outside of 0-3.3V.

Hey Jonathan,

We are planning to add an auto-fit feature for analog channels, but we don’t have it yet. We’re currently focused on improving the digital experience, so it might take a while until we’ll add that, I’m sorry about that.
However, you can zoom-in (Ctrl+scroll up) and once you set it up, that configuration will be saved for all of your future captures, even after you close the app.

Thanks for the feedback!


Unable to launch alpha14 on win7 64bit .There is no software interface. Only process in Windows Task Manager

Hey, we don’t support Windows 7 yet. Sorry for not mentioning that before :frowning:

Hi! First of all thank you for the great tool, and have saved tons of my time!
And now about alpha) I noticed that delay between analog and digital was increased rapidly between stable version and this alpha (44ns -> 430ns, almost in 10 times!)
I am using Logic Pro 8
Sample rate is 500 MS/s for digital and 50 MS/s for analog channel in both cases

Wow, thanks for letting us know. Would you be able to share your capture with us? if you prefer, it can also be via email (rani(@)


Hey, I don’t know if this problem still persists in Alpha 14. Though in Alpha 13 I just bumped into a problem where my JTAG analyzer just didn’t agree to analyze anything, and sometimes even caused my screen to go completely blank.

I am using Logic 16 Pro on Windows 10 64bit, But the analyzer didn’t work properly on my Linux VM either.

Looking better all the time!

After starting the GUI for the first time, I’m getting a message that says that it cannot download the calibration file, then the GUI hangs. Well, not quite hang - the capture is running but it does not trigger and I cannot stop it. I have to kill it and start over. While it is running, I get the message shown below. This started happening in the last release, it isn’t new with this release.

We’ll check it out, thanks for letting us know. If you could test it on Alpha 14 that would be great!

First of all, thanks! :slight_smile:

I’m sorry about that. Unfortunately, the error message is not detailed enough at the moment. We’ll fix in the next release. Does it happen every time? Do you have another device by any chance?

I seems to happen the first time I plug the unit in, then after that it is OK. It is definitely repeatable. Sorry, I only have the one device.

I should add that the calibration file does exist in the %APPDATA%\Saleae LLC\Logic\Calibration directory, and the Device ID is correct.


I tried to download the .cal file following the instructions, and that does not seem to work.

Typing this into the browser yielded the following message:

This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.


Access Denied



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Hi! Let me help you) you need to insert your Device ID in hex, not in dec. And it should be in lower case!
So, the correct link should be:

Any chance of implementing the “Export as text/csv file” in the Analyzer section?

Only thing holding me back till trying out this nice new version.

Interesting. The GUI gives the device ID in decimal (see screen shot). That decimal number matches the file file name that is in the %APPDATA%\Saleae LLC\Logic\Calibration directory.

Is it just the URL that needs the device ID in HEX? That seems odd. I must be missing something.

This information is super helpful, thanks!
We’ll look into this next week (after the holiday)

Yes, of course!
It’s on our roadmap and will be released in a few weeks

We haven’t implemented the code that corrects for the offset between analog and digital yet. It’s surprisingly tricky to get right. The good news is that we designed the new software from the ground up to support a fractional sample offset between the digital and analog channels, which means once we have it right, we’ll be able to have the analog and digital channels better aligned than in the Logic 1 application. The Logic 1 application had a maximum analog to digital offset error of +/- 1 sample of the slower of the two sample rates, which was particularly bad when using significantly slower samples rates for analog than for digital. We should be able to make the new application more precise.

This is core software functionality that we’ll add soon.

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