What are the forum policies?

When I tried to contribute to the Alpha Release 5 thread, I faced two issues:

  • Pictures are limited to 1 per post, so I had to split my initial contribution into multiple posts, each one with 1 image.
  • No more than 3 posts were allowed, so now I have to wait for an answer before resuming adding the remaining posts with images.

Plus one more issue for this very new thread:

  • Initial title was rejected, because title must be at least 15 characters. So I have to turn Forum policies into What are the forum policies?.

Are those policies specific to the Saleae forum, or do they came as standard settings of the underlying Discuss configuration? Needless to say, they make contribution more difficult.

Thank you.

Hi rei_vilo, thanks for letting me know!

Those are the default settings of the Discourse forum – I’ve just removed the limitations you mentioned so it should not be so painful for others in the future.

Thanks again,

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Thank you! I’m posting the other comments and suggestions for the Alpha Release 5.

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