Check out our new feature requests and ideas board

As we get more and more requests from our community (thanks!), we wanted to have a place where you can add and track these requests, and for that, we created a new ideas board:

Check it out, add your ideas and vote for the features that you’d like the most.


  1. We’ll also publish our roadmap with the planned features later this year.
  2. We also copied over the requests from Logic 1 and over time we’ll also cover some of them.

EDIT: You can now use your forum login details to log in to the feature requests board (using Auth0). Existing board users will have to sign up again.

Great initiative.

  • There seems to be an icon for comment on the right side but how to use it?

For example, I would like to comment the idea Match traces color to the channel color and emphasise this as an option.

  • Are the ideas previously exposed included in this new list?

First of all, thanks!
There should be a text area where you can write a comment. Is that what you’re referring to?

In regards to that feature request, it’s already available on 2.2.4 :slight_smile:

It seems the comment box is filtered out by my security add-on. Turning it off shows the comment box back.

So LIVE means the feature is implemented. Good to know.

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Not strictly related to the feature request board, but I noticed when middle clicking (or ctrl+clicking) a link on here, the counter behind it is not increased.

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Are you talking about the forum or the feature request board? :slight_smile:

The current platform that we are discussing this on.
(Is this a forum?)


OK, thanks.
We’re using Discourse, not much we can about that then, sorry…

For convinient in switching between upvoty and this chat, is it possible to have a link on upvoty back to this page?

Upvoty doesn’t support that AFAIK. I contacted them and asked for it :slight_smile:

Thanks - the ideas board looks pretty good! I’ve logged in here (Discuss) via GitHub (thanks for that!), but then when I went to vote on I noticed it does not recognize my Discuss login.

Thankfully there is an anonymous login option on Ideas - however, it would be really nice if a login to Discuss would transfer to automatic login to Ideas, too …

First of all, thanks!
Good point, we’ll see if it’s possible (as it’s a third-party platform).

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The ideas board now uses the same login as the forum!
Unfortunately, existing users will have to sign up again :slightly_frowning_face: