What happens to Logic 2 "in app" feedback?

The “in app” feedback dialog is great. Maybe too great? For the first few bug reports and ideas I submitted that way I received an email from Rani which provided answers for each of the points I raised. Since then I’ve sent a bunch of bug reports, ideas and warm fuzzies. But I think I’ve broken the system - I haven’t heard anything back.

Is there somewhere I can view the feedback I’ve given? Even better, for some issues I made several reports as new information came to light, so being able to update a report online somewhere could save everyone some work, especially if other people can chip in with a “me too”.

This isn’t a grump. I appreciate that you have limited bandwidth to reply to my feedback spam and I think you do a great job of handling user feedback in general.

I’m terribly sorry for not responding earlier, I was out of office for a week (we’re still a small company…).
There is no way to view your feedback unfortunately. We’re considering other alternatives that will allow us to integrate the feedback with our feature requests page. By the way, you can also post ideas there if you prefer:

You haven’t broken the system, please keep at it! We really appreciate it! :slight_smile:

Hi Rani,

as I said in my other email, no problem at all. Your support and Saleae’s support generally are great. My reason for posting was really to suggest some way of closing the feedback loop that was low effort for support and allows other users to see and comment on the feedback.

Hope you had a great holiday (assuming that’s what it was).