Data Invisible

I installed Logic 2 (build 2.4.10) on a new computer and I cannot see any data, but it is there. I can see it in the analyzers and if I can jump to next edge, etc. I’m running Windows 11.

In the attached screenshot, if I hover over where the data is, I can see the duty cycle, etc, but I can’t see the actual data.


@bluey Strange! This looks like a rendering issue.

Interestingly, demo mode works fine. As does opening the .sal file when in demo mode (device not connected). And when I went to test it again with the hardware plugged in, it was working fine. So I don’t know what to make of that. I tried restarting the program before and it didn’t help, so I don’t know what changed, but it seems fine now. I’ll post back if the problem comes back. Thanks.

@bluey Glad you got that working eventually. It must be some kind of edge case that causes rendering to fail. Yes, feel free to write back in case you are able to reproduce the issue.