Parallel analyzer

I was fooling with the demo Logic 16 device and noticed that the parallel decoder that decodes channels 0-4 with clock on 5 shows weird blackouts: normally it shows a transition on ascending clock edge and then displays a value on a colored field, but every once in a while the field is truncated and black after an initial fragment. This happens in 2.3.55 as well as 2.3.47 on Fedora 36. Is that a bug or does it actually miean something that I am missing?

@przemek.klosowski My sincerest apologies for our late reply! I’m happy to look into this for you.

I’m not quite sure what you mean by this behavior, and I’m unable to reproduce the issue you are seeing. Could you provide the following for me?

  1. A copy of your capture file (in .sal file format)
  2. A screenshot showing the issue
  3. The exact steps you take to reproduce the issue using your provided capture file

I don’t have a capture file—it’s the "Try the demo device’ option and I am doing a brief capture of Logic 16 simulated data. OK, I can save the capture — here it is
Session 0.sal (2.2 MB)

and the screenshot showing the gap in the analyzer right after 40ms

@przemek.klosowski Aha! I think I know what’s happening here. By default, the Logic 2 app doesn’t generate analyzer-specific data when using a Demo device. However, we have instructions on how enable this feature by launching Logic 2 from the command line:

Specifically, you’ll want to launch it like so, assuming the AppImage file is on your desktop (replace 2.x.xx with your specific version).

cd Desktop

AH, I see… it works of course. I see that the decoder works fine when you load the simulation file—sorry I didn’t even check that, but just looked at the random/incorrect simulation data.

I don’t even want to ask what does ENABLE_SIMULATION do and why it’s off initially when Logic clearly invitesto run the simulator on the opening screen :slight_smile:

@przemek.klosowski Glad to hear that worked! Long story short, we simply have not fully tested the feature yet with the ENABLE_SIMULATION variable on. I’ve set aside some time to review it with the team to see if we can just enable it by default. I personally have not run into any bugs or issues with it so far so it may be safe to do so.