Is it possible to export the screen as picture?


I would like to export the captured signals as an image. Is this possible or do I need extern tools?


Good question. Unfortunately, we don’t have a built-in screenshot tool in the Logic 2 software. You would need to capture a screenshot of your waveform via external means. For example:

  • In Windows, via [PrintScreen] key to copy it to the clipboard, or [Shift]-[Windows Key]-[S] to take a screenshot.
  • In MacOS, via [Cmd]-[Shift]-[S].

By the way, I don’t think anyone has posted a feature request for having a screenshot tool built-in to the app itself. If the above solutions aren’t ideal for you, feel free to create a new idea post below so we can start tracking need for this from other users!

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For Windows, there is also the Snipping Tool.

When we were deciding what features needed to get moved from Logic 1 to Logic 2, I felt it was pretty hard to justify building another screenshot feature when each OS had such good options built-in. The main problem I thought was that no one knows all the advanced screenshot features of their OS.

We decided to add the native OS screenshot keys to our keyboard shortcuts list inside the app.

You can view all keyboard shortcuts inside of the app from the main menu → keyboard shortcuts.

Not much easier to find, unfortunately.

Would you mind describing what you’re taking screenshots for, and where you are pasting them? I can imagine a lot of features that might be nice for building reports, or keeping track of changes in a design, or tracking bugs. I’d love to learn more about what users are actually doing with screenshots.

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I use WINDOWS snip and paste into photoshop, and then invert to attain black waveforms on white… much easier to deal with in documentation.
(No need to mimic the old Tektronix and HP displays)
then export to PNG for use in documentation and (lab) notebook notes/PDFs.
With capturing MANY variations/experiments, it would be so much easier and quicker to have a keyboard shortcut to screenshot and go to the next capture.

Thanks @will. You bring up a good point about color inversion. Below is the idea post where we’re tracking that feature request. I’ll get your request logged as a comment.

An in-app screenshot tool also lends itself quite well to automation or macro commands (e.g. mass screenshot for multiple tabs in one command). I’ll bring these points up with our team here.