Alpha Release 2

I would love to hear from you! Any feedback is helpful – please reply to this thread or start a new one!

Hi All,

This cut includes the new Scope View! - rough but working fairly well all things considered.

Low expectations please: This alpha is super rough, unstable, and lacks crucial functionality. We’re releasing it so that you can provide feedback and influence the direction it takes, particularly in terms of user experience. The video provides some context. (Windows) (MacOS) (Linux)

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What is ready for initial feedback

  • Timing display across the top
  • Analog channel, Digital channel
  • Capture settings flyout
  • Analog measurements
  • Analog vertical zoom, vertical pan (CTRL/CMD-Scroll, SPACE-click-and-drag - for now)
  • Analog vertical voltage display

What is extremely rough

  • Tabs
  • Sidebar (progress display, etc)
  • Menu

What is not there at all

  • Protocol analyzers
  • Timing markers, annotations
  • Digital measurements
  • Digital trigger (for staring the capture)
  • Export
  • Save/load
  • Screenshots
  • Awesome future stuff