Alpha Release 3


(for more context, including a video, see Alpha Release 2)

This release focuses on the back end. We’ve completely shut down the original data processing pipeline in the codebase, and exclusively use the new processing system.

Like the last release, much of the core application functionality hasn’t been implemented yet, and most of what’s in here so far is still very raw. Compared to the last release though, this is a big step forward. (Windows) (MacOS) (Linux)

The backend still uses the original device management and capture code, calibration infrastructure, and a few other things from the original codebase. However, we have switched capture control over to the new system.

We’ve also spent much of the last two weeks working on performance improvements and improvements to the smoothness of the application, although there is still much room for improvement. In particular, we put a lot of time into the real time analog scope view and trigger, which is a much better experience now.

Overall though, the analog rendering and interactions still need work to improve framerate, reduce flickering, and reduce rendering latency.

The release also includes many minor improvements to the front end as well as two bug fixes to the back end - one which caused frequent crashes on MacOS and another that would crash when an analog trigger was disabled and then re-enabled during the capture.

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