1.2.29 no longer supported

Please do not disable older versions - I like the new version, but sometimes I want to use 1.2.29 as well.

Hey @alank2!

We’re not going to disable the old version, no worries :slight_smile:
However, we won’t support and upgrade it anymore, and as a result, there is a chance that you won’t be able to run it on new operating systems.

If it’s ok to ask, why do want to use 1.2.29 sometimes?

Hi Rani - it is disabled now. If I launch 1.2.29, it will popup a message box saying:

This software version 1.2.29 is no longer supported. Please update your software at https://www.saleae.com

As far as the reason - for flexibility or familiarity. There are things I like about 2.x and there are things I liked about 1.x. I’m not sure if 2.x requires beefier hardware, but I always like the option of being able to run different versions. Right now the original logic16’s threshold option isn’t working in Logic 2 yet (unless it has been fixed and wasn’t on the fix list), that would be another reason.



You can stop supporting 1.2.29 if you want, but why disable the software?

last time I checked, we could not load an old capture from 1.2.29 into 2.x.x, this alone is a good enough reason to allow the app to run!


@mathieu.dinel and @alank2, I’m really sorry about that. I’m sure that @timreyes that runs our support team will be able to help you later today.
In the meantime, this might be useful: https://support.saleae.com/troubleshooting/unsupported-version

rani - thanks for that link - having the -override option solves the problem.

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@rani, I do not expect to get support for an unsupported version, but we did not expect to see a perfectly usable software being blocked like that. after seeing that troubleshooting ticket I think I understand now, it’s just crashing?

Anyways, the --override switch works for me too. Thanks.

@mathieu.dinel you’re right, and I can assure you that we didn’t block the app. This is an old version and we can’t change the mechanism (described at the bottom of the article) that is causing this issue, unfortunately.

Well, you could change it if you wanted it. I mean, you could release just a small 1.2 update with this feature disabled, or modified somehow.

But what is more important, IMHO, is some kind of support for old captures. It is almost unbelievable that there is no supported way to load old captures in the new software. You are fully aware that it is possible that older versions of the software won’t run in newer operating systems. What we are supposed to do with the old dumps then?

Please, either support old captures directly in the new software, or at least provide a converter.


Sorry for the trouble everyone! When we started re-investing in the Logic 1.x software and started releasing the beta versions, we got really fired up about regularly releasing new versions of the application. One of the things we talked about internally (but never decided if we wanted to use) was to add a system that would allow us to later disable versions of the app, so that we could slowly push people into the latest versions of the software.

The system was never actually used (it’s controlled by a web endpoint) but, we added something I regret now - if the application isn’t able to connect to our web API, on launch, it would disable itself if the release was over 25 months old. In retrospect that was a pretty bad idea.

And of course the real problem was that a few months later, when we tried to add vertical zoom and pan to analog channels in the 1.x software, we decided it was time to transition to a completely new front-end, which later led to a complete rewrite of the entire app, which is now Logic 2.

Logic 2 does not have this “feature”, and we won’t be trying it again. Only the beta releases (after 1.2.18, up to and including 1.2.29) have this annoying feature. Very sorry about that! If you notice this problem while your computer is connected to the internet, please let us know!

We have uptime monitoring on that API to detect outages.

Our plan is to get the Logic 2 app out as the production application, eventually putting to rest the 1.2.29 Beta.

While I’m here, I’d like to understand what we’ll need to add to Logic 2 in order to make sure it’s a both a viable replacement to Logic 1.2.29 and that it’s at least as good or better for all of your uses. @alank2 @George @mathieu.dinel

So far from this thread I’m seeing the ability to load saved captures from the 1.x application, the broken Logic 16 IO voltage support, is there anything else? One of the big issues we’ve yet to address is the lack of an automation API in Logic 2. We’re also working on some UI performance issues in Logic 2, although the Logic 2 data processing pipeline is already dramatically faster than Logic 1.x.

The 1.2.18 production application did not contain the “sunset” feature, and is unaffected. Of course, that probably won’t help since save files were never backwards compatible.

Thanks Mark - for me having the logic16 threshold thing fixed is one of the main things I need in Logic 2. I agree with your assessment that a feature that disables it wasn’t a good plan. You never know why someone might want to run a certain version, but it could be as simple as it just worked for them and that is where they are with it. Another thing in Logic 2 that I would like to see is the ability to enter values for all elements - what I mean by this is if I create a measurement, I’d like to be able to open a properties that allows me to enter the start time and end time without having to drag it perfectly to the place or sample that I want. Being able to open old captures in newer software is always a plus, but if you can’t, then opening them in the old version can be what I’d call a workaround at least.

I appreciate the work you guys are doing on Logic 2.x, I noticed the memory usage for analog is much more efficient compared to Logic 1.x and I know there are a lot of new features and improvements, even if I haven’t figured them all out yet. Probably the biggest issue I’ve had with Logic 2.x is that many of the keyboard shortcuts I am familiar with are no longer the same. I learned yesterday that Ctrl-R both starts AND now stops as well.

Of course it goes down right now… Working on it!

I learned yesterday that Ctrl-R both starts AND now stops as well.

You can open the keyboard shortcuts menu via the main menu (bottom right side) and discover all of them :wink:

Thanks rani - I’ve seen them - it is the learning them that I have to work on!

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Hi Mark,
I personally don’t use Logic2, many reasons behind this :

1- the custom decoders I wrote for the company I work for would need to be completely redone. and looking at it quickly, Logic2 doesn’t seem to provide a way to create low level decoders. (Correct me if i’m wrong)

2- 5 years of team members accumulating capture data from vehicles we will never see again, I need a way to open them.

3- personnal preference, I think 1.2.29 works fine, aside from a few crashes here and there, I just got used to it. restart it and it’s fine, it’s never let me down. I like the scrolling feature while acquiring data.

4- Read point #2 (I can’t stress this point enough) :slight_smile: Like George mentioned, an external converter would be fine. loading them directly in Logic2 would be best.

I would have to start using it more in order to tell what’s good, what’s missing etc. but the fact that it saves captures to a different format is prohibitive for team work. We are in a low season currently (in the automotive field) I’ll give Logic2 a shot next week.

Best Regards

Hi Mark,

Thanks a lot for your quick reply. That is definitely encouraging.

Supporting old captures one way or the other is essential, I think. Personally, I’d also like to be able to run Logic 2 under Windows 7, but I realize it might be difficult to support older systems.


Good news on that front, the next release will bring back the “load custom analyzers from directory” feature, and custom analyzers that were working the Logic production or beta versions will work with Logic 2. There are a few subtle changes to how certain things are handled in Logic 2, if you have any trouble with it let us know.

MacOS users will probably need to go through one quick extra step to load custom analyzers, but it does not require rebuilding the analyzer - just changing one of the paths in the shared library in order for it to find the libAnalyzer file at its new relative path. We’ll have that in the documentation when we release the feature.

Windows & Linux should work just as it did in 1.x.

That is great to hear. My Version 1 protocol analyzer worked fine as long as I put it in the appropriate directory. I suppose some day I should learn python in order to do things like HLA.

The only other things I personally miss from Version 1 are:
a) Capture Screen/region to file or clipboard… I used to use this often to save out captures to share on forum showing stuff.

Although I am have found other ways. Was using ALT+PrntScrn then load my old version of Photoshop and then new window paste… Save file for …

But now using some of the newer Windows 10 feature of the Snip tool. So now can type
Windows+shift+S which brings up ship tool can use mouse to show what region I am interested in, which puts on clipboard, plus can open their sketch to save file…


In this case I am trying to figure out what is slowing up a function that is rotating an image to fit the current rotation of the RA8876 display. Top lines are the SPI, other two are some digitalToggleFast calls (T4.1) used for timing.

b) Another thing I miss is multiple visible measurements on the screen. For example in the above I may want to show the timings of some of these blocks.

c) Not something I miss, but just wondering if some easy way. With the above stuff, I would like to be able to zoom such that a portion I choose takes up the entire width of the window? That is I usually use mouse wheel to zoom in or out. But sometimes this is not granular enough.

Sorry if this is not all on topic.


P.S - Lots of great improvements in the new stuff!

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I’m with you there! Logic 2 does now have a very nice feature where you can enter the “zoom” as time per pixel. The units are kinda odd (time per window width would more intuitive to me), but the facility is great, especially if you are comparing two captures by flipping between them or opening another instance of the app. (Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to overlay two captures?)

We picked these units because they are independent of the window size