What is the difference between a preset and a setup if any?

The users guide talks about saving setups but I don’t see that option in the 2.3.9 software. Instead there are saving and loading presets. Are these the same as setups. Also how do you select the folder to save presets in?

@gerry The user guide mentions saving presets in the section here. is this the section you are referring to? Let us know where we refer to saving setups. I’ll probably need to get that updated.

The presets are the same as setups (i.e. saving the capture settings).

There is no way to select a folder, since the setup is saved into the app itself. If you wanted to share your preset, or wanted to archive it, you can export the preset as shown in the link I shared above. Then you can import it again, perhaps on another computer.

The online user guide talks about saving setups here:

Saving Setups

How did you create the hyperlink in your reply? The hyperlink box here doesn’t seem to work that way.

Oh I see, it creates the hyperlink after I hit the reply button.

@gerry Thanks for the link to the old article. Looks like a remnant from the old software that I missed. I’ll get that deleted.

Since we are on the topic: some of us would love presets to be “setup files” and managed through a standard OS file management dialog. I might have mentioned this before? :smiley:

Hi @P.Jaquiery, we’ve made some improvements to managing presets, as well as the presets menu itself. It’s still not managed through a standard OS file management dialog, but let us know what you think.

If you feel there’s still some things missing that a standard OS dialog window would cover, let us know!

Hi @timreyes,

It feels to me kinda hinky that I have to “export” a preset to get a settings file. It didn’t help that it took a minute or two to find the “Export” menu entry the first tiime.

Export and Import both use an OS dialog for doing business so what I want is there, but with a bunch of overhead. Save and Load settings menu entries in the file menu would take me straight to where I want to be and saves Saleae’s devs creating and maintaining a dialog. Is there something technical under the hood I’m missing going on here?

Usual grump aside, the new dialog works well enough, although it’s somewhat slow opening (2 - 3 seconds). The ‘“name” already exists. …’ dialog could use a “Cancel, discard” button and the “No” button could change to “No, rename”. It’s easy to accidentally create a new duplicate name because the visible part of the list is short and only the top of the list can be seen when a new preset is being created.

The check at new preset crate time avoids creating new presets with the same name, but it is possible to generate presets with the same name during import.

There is no way to manage presets which means presets for one project are mixed up with presets for other projects. That can be sorta fixed by using a project prefix as part of the preset name, but that doesn’t scale well given the limited size of the preset list before scrolling is needed. Making the dialog bigger isn’t really a fix for that.

Yup, there are missing things that an OS dialog would cover. :smiley:

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@P.Jaquiery Thanks for elaborating on that. You have some very valid points! This is on our list right now to discuss internally with regards to how we want to proceed.

@P.Jaquiery We ultimately decided that this was a great idea and would definitely improve user experience. Downside is that it requires a big overhaul to how our presets are managed right now, and so, we didn’t get this added to our immediate backlog as we prefer to work on other higher priority features.

For now, I’ve got this logged below:

Feel free to get your vote in! We’ll monitor it here for now.

Add my vote for presets to be managed through the standard “File” dialog. I run Logic on multiple computers and keep the data sync’d between them via dropbox. Ideally the program would prompt to save the setup on exit if you change it. The problem I face now is if I forget to both save and export a setup on one computer I have to re-do it when I get to one of the other computers.

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@Larry Thanks for describing your use case. Using Logic 2 alongside sync’d folders, and syncing settings across multiple PCs is something we definitely need to consider moving forward.

I just added a comment for you on our ideas post for this.