Template with all settings

Before I open a topic on the Ideas and Feature Requests, I’d like to check whether templates exist.

The idea is to save all the settings —selected channels, names of the channels, sampling rate, triggers, analysers and so forth— for later reuse.

I’m switching between two projects, and each time I need to clear the previous settings and enter the new ones.

I’m currently using Logic 2.2.14. Thank you!

You can do this in the old version 1 of Logic. You can save the “Setup” then load it later. This allows for setting up all your channels, speeds, etc then loading them later. But, it hasn’t made its way to V2 yet. I’m not sure if it is as complete as you’re looking for but give the latest V1 a try. Really, I’d suggest having both versions installed and use whichever one is best for you at any given time. The things they’re doing with the V2 Alphas are cool but it’s a big change and a lot of work so not everything is there yet. Sometimes V1 is the way to go.

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It’s already on our feature requests board and we’re planning to add that this month! :slight_smile:

I’ll soon share our plan for it here on the forum.

Thank you for your answers.

@Collin I still have Logic 1 installed but going back and forth between both versions isn’t the most optimal procedure!

@rani I’ve added my +1 for this idea.

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It seems like saving presets works on one machine. I am trying to figure out how to save the preset such that I can use it on another machine. Any thoughts on that? Thanks.

Hey, welcome to our forum! :slight_smile:
You can export the saved preset via the load preset popup: