Launch Logic 2 with preset


Is there a way to launch Logic 2 with a certain preset, without having to go into the “Presets” menu and click “Load” on the desired preset?

If I’m not mistaken, I believe Logic 1 had this feature, i.e. opening an exported preset file using Logic would initialize Logic with the preset values.

When I try to open my .logic2Preset file with Logic 2, the preset settings do not seem to load, and Logic 2 opens with whatever settings it had last. I’m currently using Logic 2.4.9.


@gabriel.lau When launching Logic 2, the last used capture settings before the software was last closed will be used. We unfortunately don’t have a way of loading a specific preset upon launching the software, nor do we have a way of opening the software and using a specific preset by double-clicking the preset file since the file is not executable.

To use the settings from a particular preset file, you will need to manually load that preset file using the “Import” button at the bottom of the Preset Window in the software as per the instructions below.

For loading a specific Preset upon launching the software, we are in fact tracking this feature request below. Feel free to add your vote to it if this is something you need!