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If I connect logic16 and make changes to the channels, unplug, then replug, it doesn’t remember the settings. It would be nice if each device by SN would remember its own configuration.

I then used Preset to save the preset which worked fine. Then I made some more changes and wanted to update it so I chose Preset -> Save As again. This time when I clicked the name of the one I created, instead of saving it, it loaded it. If you choose “Save As”, it should not load, but save if you double click and existing one (replacing it).

It also let’s you save again with the same name instead of replacing if you type in the name.


I think we need a few more users to grumble about the presets (settings) user interface to make Saleae prick up their ears.

My take is that the conventional “Save settings file dialog” works well: people understand it and it requires fewer user steps to achieve the goal of simply saving the settings as a file that can be easily copied, revision controlled, shared, backed up, whatever else you want to do with it - because it’s just a file. A “load settings file dialog” works at least as well as the current UI to pick the settings you want to apply, and again is familiar and clear.

Keep banging that drum! in the end we’ll make enough noise to be taken notice of. Right now the settings management works so poorly for me that I just don’t use it.

On the other hand, if you make settings changes then exit / rerun Logic 2 the settings are remembered and reapplied. I’ve only got one analyser so I never disconnect / connect it, but I do exit and rerun Logic 2 fairly often.

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Thanks for your feedback. We have this on our list of improvements to make. Feel free to add to

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