How to save/overwrite default preset?

using Logic-2.3.45, how can I change the default preset,
or select which saved preset to be selected at startup ?

whenever I start Logic2, I get a setup with channels 0/1 active digital and analog @ 1.2V which is not what I typically need…

@harald.koenig2 We don’t have a way of forcing a preset to be loaded at startup, but this is certainly a great idea.

Something doesn’t seem to be working correctly in your case though. The Logic 2 app should start up with the same configuration you were using when you last closed the app. If this properly worked for you, would it suffice?

Can you share the exact steps you take to reproduce the issue? Also, what OS are you using? I’d like to see if we can reproduce the issue over here as a first step. On our end, closing the app with a certain configuration, and re-opening the app, will retain the same configuration settings.

Hi Tim,
I’m using Linux (Ubuntu 20.04). just restarting with last settings (from last successful exit) would be ok.

my test/use setup:
start Logic2
Ctrl-Shift-P and load my SPI preset
optional start/stop capture (does not matter if done or not)
Ctrl-Q to quit
restart Logic2 – again showing the default preset with channels 0/1 both digital&analog

@harald.koenig2 Thanks for sharing those steps. Strangely enough, I’m not able to reproduce this on Ubuntu 18.04. Something must be causing those settings to reset on your end. Let me check with the team here to see if there may have any ideas and I’ll follow up with you.

@harald.koenig2 We’re suspecting your config file may be corrupted. If parsing a preset from the config file fails, we reset to the default settings. This is likely what you’re experiencing.

  1. Can you try moving your config.json file to a different location, such as to your Dekstop? Afterwards, start the Logic 2 app again and it should generate a fresh config file. Then, try and change some settings and see if it persists across software restarts. Location is below. Unfortunately, this will delete all of your saved presets.

  2. We would be interested in receiving your potentially corrupt config file to try and determine where the issue may have occurred, and to see if we can recover it in case you had complex preset settings that you wished to recover. Feel free to attach it to your reply.

Hi Tim,

unfortunately removing config.json did not help, still same issue.

if I disable analog, and enable digital channels 3/4, 1.8V at 10 MHz,
then quit and restart Logic2, I’m back to 2 digital, 2 analog 1.2V channels at 6.25 MHz :frowning:

I’m attaching the new config.json which includes a reset “BAL020-2” which I’d like to get started…
I also can send my older/original config file but it looks like that content is not the root cause of my problem

console output from starting Logic2:

$ Logic2 &
[8] 2825561
$ :~/.config/Logic$ /tmp/.mount_Logic2xhmmDT ~/.config/Logic
Executable path: /tmp/.mount_Logic2xhmmDT/Logic
Executable directory: /tmp/.mount_Logic2xhmmDT
Original working directory: /home/koh8rt/.config/Logic
Current working directory: /tmp/.mount_Logic2xhmmDT
[2825655:0214/] InitializeSandbox() called with multiple threads in process gpu-process.
[2825561:0214/] After loading Root Certs, loaded==false: NSS error code: -8018

I’ve extracted the AppImage file and directly run ./AppRun – doesn’t help. so it’s not an side effect from App*

using strace to check all syscalls for reading/writing config.json, on a first glace everything looks ok to me
(e.g. it’s always using the expected path $HOME/.config/Logic/config.json :wink:

I’m a bit surprised that at startup it reads config 10 times, and then there are read/write cycles
(likely whenever I change any bit of config setup – enable digital 3&4, disable analog 0&2, sample rate and voltage (hmm, only 6 changes;))
then another 17 read-only opens before a final read/write pair.

final config looks “reasonable” to me, but somehow it’s not accepted when restarting analyzer :frowning:

good luck for understanding what’s going wrong here – and feel free to ask for more tests, debug data, logs, …


(Attachment config.json is missing)

@harald.koenig2 Thanks for sharing all of these details, and sorry that didn’t work… We’ll take this back to the drawing board and I’ll update you on our findings.

Hi Tim,

sorry that I didn’t notice the blocked attachment – next try as zip file… (4.56 KB)

Ah thanks for providing that!

@harald.koenig2 thanks for the detailed information so far!

Do you have a device connected at any point during these tests? In the past, I’ve seen issues with settings getting lost when switching between certain device types.

Do you only have one physical device? Which type is it? If you have more than one, do you frequently switch between devices?

Is the device connected the entire time, e.g. when you open the software till you close it?

Hi Mark,

very good questions!
first I just wrote the obvious answers:

for all the tests I’ve shown, and for my typical work,
I always and constantly have a single Pro16 connected.
absolutely nothing special…

BUT… I then wanted to explain my vague phrasing (for the tests / typically / nothing special)
… because at the same time recently I also wrestle with a completely different topic
that USB3 is not working anymore at all (ticket 67883).

… and just to be totally sure I’ve picked up another “good” Pro16 which still works fine with USB3
and – DRUM ROLL – the “cannot save/reload last preset” is gone!!!

so a bit more testing shows to me: at least when there is this connect problem


the last/saved default prefix is not used anymore, Logic2 starts up with that (builtin?)
2digital and 2analog 1.2V setting, no matter what was saved before!

this USB2-only error stops the normal startup and breaks default prefix,
even if that setup was “tuned” to work (and was working before) in USB2 mode with the same device

one more resaon to get our broken Pro16 USB connector fixed…

so thanks a lot for asking the “typical” support questions again;)


Hi @harald.koenig2, thanks for the detailed information!

I had forgotten about that - the bug where presets are reset when using a Pro device with USB 2.0 is already logged. I haven’t prioritized it because I assumed that this doesn’t happen often for most users. Sorry for the trouble!

Also, please contact support to get that unit replaced! We have a very fast and easy replacement policy, we’ll actually send you the replacement unit first, so you don’t have to go without access to the device while you wait.

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