I’m running Logic 2 2.3.37 (latest) on Windows 10 and Preset Load/Save does not seem to work right.

Here’s what works fine:

  1. launch Logic 2
  2. manually rename my signals
  3. save preset A
  4. load preset B
  5. switch back to (load) preset A

Now if I close Logic 2 and relaunch, my signals are named incorrectly, and have Preset B’s name. If I now load Preset A, I still get preset B’s names, and Preset A’s contents were apparently lost.

Tried numerous times. Repeatable results.



@gansler Sorry about this bug… We’re aware of it and working on a fix! I’ll keep you updated as we make progress on it.

@gansler We’ve implemented a fix in v2.3.39! Can you try it out below?