Use multiple Logic 8's with one Logic 2 app?

I have several Logic 8’s but I want them all seen by the same instance of Logic 2.


Is there an upper limit?


@john.m.keeling This is a good question. I’m unsure off the top of my head if we set a limit in the source code. As a quick test I was able to connect 4 devices simultaneously without any issues. However, please note that you can only record using one device at a time on a single PC.

Can you share more information about your use case and how many devices you plan to use with the software? If you need to connect more than 4 units, we can spend some time digging into the source code for you.

I was hoping use a second Logic8 as channels [8…15], effectively making a poor-man’s Logic16, but as you mentioned only one device could record on a single PC, it likely wouldn’t work.

Just doing my due diligence before I get a Logic16.

Thank you.

@john.m.keeling Ah, got it. We’re tracking the feature request below. Unfortuantely, we currently don’t support recording from multiple units at the same time.

I just added a comment for you so we can keep track of your request for that feature.

I have a Logic Pro 16 and (like you) I have run out of channels. I recently asked Saleae if they had plans for a Logic Pro 32 (to match the competition). Answer was “no”.

In the absence of a Logic Pro 32 it would be great if Saleae would add the ability to “daisy chain” the Logic Pro 8 and 16 products so you could use the chain from one software instance.

That would be a killer feature!