Multiple Logic Pro 16's on one computer

While the FAQ says it can’t be done, I’ve been using two LogicPro 16’s on a windows 11 computer using two instances of Logic 2.4.13 to collect data simultaneously from the two devices. After some searching I find a few other mentions of this on the forum, but little discussion on how to make it work well.

The trick is to get the second Logic device to connect to the second instance of the program so that you have “1 device connected” in each window rather than 2 and no devices. It takes a few connect/disconnect cycles, but eventually it works. I’ve also tried to get 3 & 4 devices running, but have only had real success with 3 for 48 channels total, running at 1.5625 MS/s , but at that rate either the USB or the display routine is getting bogged down, and it’s less reliable.

The question is, can this be made to work more smoothly? All that would be needed would be to have the Logic software request approval before connecting a second device, or something along those lines. It would also be nice to have simultaneous triggering of multiple instances, etc.

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@pesherick Thanks for posting your workaround! I saw you had posted your workaround last month on an existing ideas post for recording from multiple Logic devices on the same PC (linked below).

We’re unable to provide official support for this set up, or in case any issues come up with it, but I’m glad to hear you’ve got something working on your end. Our dev team (3 members at the moment) is currently heads down on other high priority projects, but we’ll continue to keep an eye on more requests for this feature in the idea post above.

Feel free to post any updates you have here in case you’re able to learn more from this set up, or if you happen to have any updates on workarounds with regards to the connection hiccups you were seeing.