Channels GNDs


In The Logic Pro 8 there are channels and 8 GNDs one per each channel.
Is this correct?

If I have one single GND does this mean that I have to connect all the 8 GNDs wires?
Or connecting one is enough?

Are the separate GNDs configured by the software?

Is there any chapter on the manual that could explain this is detail?

I’m debugging CAN and RS485 buses which are differencial and this can be quite impoortant.


As I found of this source, the new devices (the PRO ones) all have a ground lead for each signal but they do share a common ground.

If you have high speed signals or care for signal integrity, connect a ground for each signal you use.

There are a couple of Ideas that talk to this:

Both involve arithmetic on analog inputs to generate a new signal trace.

The inputs are not differential. The grounds are connected together and the inputs are single ended so sadness is likely if you connect grounds to different non-common points in your DUT!

@eduardo.av.goncalves Since you are recording CAN and RS485, these guidelines may also help: