Terminal Data overwrite after 7 minutes

Hello everyone,
I use the logic analyzer 2.4.2 pro with 8 channels and it works very well. And I use the terminal to log the data in hex format. But after 7 minutes the data in the terminal are overrided and I can not used it.
Is possible to log the data in the Terminal for a long time for exmple two days.
A copy from the terminal:
read to 0x40 ack data: 0x61 0x48 0x66 0xF4
write to 0x40 ack data: 0x00
read to 0x40 ack data: 0x61 0x6C 0x66 0x70
write to 0x40 ack data: 0x00
read to 0x40 ack data: 0x61 0x68 0x65 0x6C

Please let me know if this is possible.
Best Regards, Jordan.

@iordan.pentchev.cont It’s likely you are running into our terminal scroll-back limit of 10,000 rows. Once the 10,000 row limit is reached, the oldest rows are deleted. Can you let me know if this might be the cause of the issue you are running into?

Hello timreyes,
that is the issue you talking about. I use the terminal and if the 10000 rows are reached, then the first row is deleted.
How can I avoid this problem or is one some advaice from you.
In my case the terminal is the best solving, but I would like to have more logging messages for 1 or 2 days long in the terminal. The data table does not have enoght information for me.
Best Regards,

@iordan.pentchev.cont Apologies we don’t have an immediate solution for you. However, we’re thinking of including the ability to launch the software with a command line argument. Something like:


We’ve got this on the backlog for now, but we’re laser focused on other priority features and bug fixes, and unfortunately, I don’t have a release date to share for it at the moment.

Hello Tim Reyes,
Thank you for the good news, that would be great but when you want to implement this feature in the software?
Best Regards,

@iordan.pentchev.cont Unfortunately, we don’t have a timeline to share for when this would be implemented, and I wish I could give you a date. We’re a small team of only 3 developers and we’re backed up with other priority tasks for quite some time.