SWD Analyzer - search not working?

ver 2.3.1 - i can decode SWD protocol but cannot search anything in the search bar, can anyone do that?

Can you update to 2.3.2 (released today) and try again?

The search in the data table for strings is prefix search only at the moment (we really should explain this somehow in the app). For example, The query “Line” will match the row “Line Reset 55 bits”, but the query “Reset” will not.

If you still have problems please save a capture and post it here, or send to support.

This is what I see, search is working.

ok yup… i didn’t realize what “prefix search” meant. In your 1.2.x you could just search the protocol for a value like 0x070019b01 and see them all instantly.
please add this back into your awesome new version thanks

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