Logic 2.3.8

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Windows - Linux - MacOS

Breaking Changes

  • We’ve removed the combined “ASCII & Hex” Display mode from the application. Analyzers that use this mode will be converted to Hexadecimal. We’ve made this removal to support a large protocol analyzer data table update. The removal of this display mode significantly improves on our ability to index and search protocol data.

What’s New

  • Analyzer data table has had a massive Overhaul!
  • Data table rows are always in time order now.
  • Search matching is much more intuitive, with substring search fully supported and the ability to exclude columns from search.
  • Data table cells now have a tooltip to show their complete value.


  • Data table cell formatting improvements, especially for HLAs that produce byte arrays.
  • Added highlighting to the analyzer data table to show cells that matched the query.
  • Moved the “show analyzer in data table” option from the analyzer menu to the data table menu.
  • Analyzer trigger view now shows the user-editable name of the analyzer selected for the trigger.
  • New analyzer sidebar icon.
  • New icons for jump to next edge, jump to next protocol result, or jump from data table to timeline.
  • Analyzer trigger now shows user edited analyzer names, making it easier to tell analyzers apart in the list.
  • Added link to the users guide.

Bug fixes

  • Floats returned by HLAs that happen to be integers will now be treated as floats correctly.
  • Implemented support to properly maintain accuracy with 64 bit integers produced from HLAs.
  • The scroll bars on the analyzer data table are now consistently visible.


Search Match Highlighting

Select which analyzers to include in the table, and select which columns to include in the search

New Analyzers Sidebar Icon


New Next/Previous buttons for protocol results and digital edges

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Hi all, first of all thanks and thanks again for all of the great work with the new Logic2 platform. Yesterday I’ve installed the latest 2.3.8 for MacOS Catalina 10.15.7 (19H2) and I’ve noted an incredible usage of CPU by both of the “Logic” and “Logic2 Helper (Render)” processes (about 250% when added together).
Any suggestions or fixes for that?
Thanks again.

Woah, that sounds like a really large amount of CPU usage. I tested on linux with 2.3.8 and it takes about 4% CPU idling and about 17% while I have 8 digital capture channels running with one of them doing CAN decoding. So, your usage seems very high, especially if it is measured when you aren’t doing anything. I don’ t have any special insight about Logic or MacOS. But, one thing I might suggest is to test a variety of Logic releases to see if they all do it. Say, try 2.3.6 and 2.3.2, etc. See if it ever gets better. That might help them if you can find out when it started.

@davide.raggini2, @Collin

Sorry about that! The high CPU usage was a known bug. We’ve released a fix below in v2.3.9.

Hope that solves it!

@timreyes @Collin

Thank’s a lot! I’ve tested the v2.3.9 yesterday, worked perfectly.

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