Missing "Search Protocols" and "Export Search results"

I’ve used these features in Logic 1.2.29 but I’m not able to find them in Logic 2. Either they are not available or hidden somewhere else.

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  1. The search box is in the analyzers sidebar
  2. Export search results is not available yet. I can add that to our feature requests board if you’d like.

How is Logic 2 in general? We’d love to hear your feedback

Hi, I also would love to be able to search in the analyzer’s decoded data. I have found the search box in the sidebar, but it’s rather limited. For example for Async Serial decoder it will find single letters only. I cannot find a specific sentence in a large amount of captured data with it. There seems to be no search box in the Terminal view, nor for the data displayed above waveforms, where it would be most useful.

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