Logic2, swd protocol, not able to decode swd sequence, bug or user error?

Hi team

Just got my Logic 8 for working with a bit bang interface, great product. I found it can not decode the SWD_Sequence correctly (or me being not knowing what I am doing), other frame seem to decode correctly however.

I manually check the sequence, it seem to be correct (or at least that’s what I thought),

Is it a bug, or me being not knowing what I am doing? If later case, how do I fix that? Thanks team!

it’s on ubuntu Ubuntu 20.04.5 LTS. Logic2, v2.4.3, automation version: v1.0.0

@jamesw Unfortunately, our SWD analyzer has some known issues with debugging certain packets, and I suspect you are running into a similar issue that I posted recently for it. We’re terribly sorry about that, and it’s very likely our fault!

In my most recent issue post, we determined that the TARGETSEL packet, and idle packets, were not being recognized, though there were likely more issues that were not captured on the screenshot. Based on the screenshot you shared, this looks to be the same issue.

I ended up posting a link to this forum post as well in that specific Issue post I mentioned so we can keep track of your bug report.

Hi @timreyes, thanks for the reply. Hope you guys can get this fixed soon, this is the main reason (decode swd packets) we bought the lgoic2 for …