What is this, with no analysers?

I am reading a Ublox M9N module, and getting data on CH3/MISO
I have switched off al analysers, so how is this happeneing, please?

I think I can answer this myself, now the pennie’s dropped.
The the analyser is saving it but it isn’t being decoded.
I switched Async serial on and it now READS.

@camerart It sounds like you were able to get it working. Feel free to let me know if you need any further help.

By the way, v1.2.17 is quite an old version of the software (several years old now), and we’ve fixed several bugs and added new features since then. We also no longer officially support Logic 1.x versions of the software. Is there a particular reason you are continuing to use that version?

We highly recommend upgrading to the latest version of the Logic 2 software below.

Hi T,
I also have Logic 2, but most times I prefer the simplicity of 1.