Decoded serial data

Hi I’m new to Saleae and started using the analyzer+software. I’m not familiar with Logic 1 and how it behaves, but is there a limit to how much Logic 2.2.3 decodes captured traces? Once I started capturing longer traces, I noticed that decoding stopped at a certain point and it was consistent with other traces I captured. Is this expected? I’m only doing writes to a SPI slave device.

Hi @amamaril,

There should not be a limit on how much data the SPI analyzer can process. This sounds like a bug in the alpha.

Could you send me the following information?

  • Which device are you using?
  • What sample rate are you using?
  • how many digital and/or analog channels were enabled in the recording?
  • which recording mode were you using? (Looping, Timer, or trigger)
  • did you check the box that says “After stopping, trim to last X seconds”? If so, how many seconds were selected?
  • If you were in Timer or Trigger mode, how long did you set the recording length for?

Two more things:

  1. If you can reproduce this, could you save the capture and send it to us, so we can load it here?
  2. After you are done recording, if you remove the SPI analyzer and then re-add it, does all of the data get decoded?

I have a theory about what might be going on, but we’ll need the information requested above to reproduce this and get it fixed.

Thanks for reporting this!

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Thanks, for the response. I’m about to do more captures but unfortunately I updated to 2.2.4 before I checked your response.

I’ll recapture with this version (2.2.4) and try to see if I can reproduce the issue.