V2.3.8 crashes in search for own SPI analyzer

searching in regulater SPI analyzer output works fine with 2.3.8 (judging on very minimal testing;)
BUT it 100% crashes for the first character typed when using my modified/enhanced SPI analyzer.

the output of my own SPI analyzer shows up in the table as “type v1frame” and string in column “value”.

also: trying to export the data of my analyzer, I still get the MOSI/MISI hex values in the csv file, and not my analyzed protocol strings.

maybe both points to some needs updating my analyzer ?
where can I find up-to-date analyzer SDK ?

I’ve tried to build my analyzer both with alpha and master branches of AnalyzerSDK, doesn’t matter.

how can I provide more info or debug ?

how can I add screenshot if helpful ?

I am no expert here, but I have uploaded images by using the upload button (looks like a tray with an arrow pointing up and on mine I think the 7th button from the left…

You can also just paste an image that is in your clipboard when composing a message.

@harald.koenig2 Hmm… this could be a porting issue (i.e. a feature not yet implemented in Logic 2 is causing the crashes). The latest Analyzer SDK is below:

We’d like to review your custom protocol analyzer and can try to reproduce this on our end. Can you send a message in using the link below? Also, in the description, provide the link to this discuss forum for reference. Once that comes in, I can share a private upload link via email to upload your project files and we can review/discuss your code from there.

indeed, works;) thanks!