Data ascii, hex etc not showing on SPI

Hi Everyone,
I have couple of problems to seek help for. Firstly I cannot see the data labels (which Saleae logic analyser decodes) getting over MOSI line, No matter which option i select i.e. Ascii, Hex, Decimal, Binary.

Lastly i’m getting the error on Logic2 software start up "Failed to load custom analyser ( i have tried to rename .so to .dylib as im using MacOSX 11.6 Big Sur as one of the solution thread suggested to rename the file extension (solution was for a different lib file) but it doesn’t resolve the issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry figured it out my NS line was high :stuck_out_tongue: i’m only left with error message which comes when i launch the Logic2 app (Unable to load library

@noargs Glad you got to the bottom of that SPI decode issue!

For the “Failed to Load Custom Analyzer” error, it looks like the pre-installed Simple Parallel analyzer was built for Mac OS X 12.6, and will not work on prior Mac OS versions.

I’ll double check with the team here if this poses any other issues (outside of not being able to use the Simple Parallel analyzer). Otherwise, you’ll want to update your version of Mac OS to 12.6 or later to use our pre-installed Simple Parallel analyzer.

If you simply want to continue using our software on Mac OS 11.6, then you can delete the file located in the folder specified in the error message, and that should uninstall the analyzer and will keep the error message from appearing upon every start up.

@noargs sorry for the trouble on MacOS 11.6.

I didn’t realize that we had increased the macOS version dependency on our analyzers. We might be able to fix this by configuring our build system to target an older version of MacOS.

Other than being super annoying on launch, has this caused you any problems? Do you get this error about any other analyzer?

Our parallel analyzer source code with build system is open source and can be found here: GitHub - saleae/simple-parallel-analyzer: Saleae Simple Parallel Analyzer I’d bet something like set(CMAKE_OSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET 11.6) might fix it.


If you haven’t updated MacOS versions yet, I have good news. We’ve fixed the build system for our analyzers. We’re going to adjust our official minimum required version of MacOS to 10.14.

It may take a little while for this to come out in an official release (we’re pretty busy with another project at the moment) but if you find yourself needing to use the parallel analyzer in the near term let me know and we can send you a replacement copy with the fix.

Thanks again for reporting this! As a result, we’ve setup a MacOS 10.14 VM for testing, and we’re updating the build system for all our analyzers to ensure they all support 10.14 now.