Sporadic crashes when using the tool for extended time periods


I’m trying to use the tool for capturing SPI communication for an extended time period (max 48h).
And for that I’m using a Saleae Logic Pro16 with Logic+1.2.27+Win+32+Standalone (also tested Logic-1.2.40-Windows) together with the Python library for triggering captures of 25s long at 50MS/s. To ease the python scripting part, I’m using GitHub - saleae/python-saleae-cli: basic command line utility to automate the Saleae Logic software using the ppannuto python-saleae library for the actual control of the SW.

The observed behavior is that sometimes, two things might happen: Saleae SW crashes and the script hangs, or the script is throwing the exception: CommandNAKedError.

How can I overcome this? What are your hints?

@alex.balan Oh no! Sorry to hear that… First off, I’d recommend sticking to version 1.2.40 if you plan on using automation. Version 1.2.27 is quite old and contains bugs that 1.2.40 has since solved.

With regards to captures that span several hours, we’ve been discussing this topic internally. The big-picture problem here is that we don’t test our hardware and software with recordings anywhere nearly this long. From a product testing point of view, we focus most of our attention on captures that are up to 15 minutes in length.

Having said that, I’d like to look into what might be causing those crashes in the first place, as well as perform a review of your automation source code with the team here to see if we can catch any obvious issues.

In case you’d prefer not to share your information and source code publicly, feel free to send an email to me (along with your source code attached) using the link below and we can continue our discussion privately if you prefer:

In your message, just provide a link to this discuss forum post so I know it’s you when it arrives.

I would also be interested in understanding the following (you can send this using the link above as well):

  • Do you happen to know when exactly the software crashes, and what it’s doing while it crashes? Or is it seemingly random?
  • Is it consistently and easily reproducibe using your automation source code? Or is it seemingly random?
  • Can you share your crash logs with me? (instructions below)

The first step on our end would be to attempt to reproduce the crash using your automation script, review your code for any obvious issues, and look into your crash logs once you send that all over.

@timreyes sorry for the veeery late reply. I have found a workaround to this problem, and that was to change my use case a bit, so instead of creating very large captures for the whole test duration (24h), I’m now creating a lot of smaller logs (~30s), and in between I’m closing the Logic SW and then start it up again and start the capture. and now it appears to be working very fine :slight_smile:

One question: Do you plan to release Logic 2 as a standalone package, or even an installer that doesn’t require Admin rights?

Thank you in advance!

@alex.balan It’s great to hear from you again! Glad to hear you’ve got a workaround for it.

We don’t have official plans to release Logic 2 as a standalone package, however, I’ll be happy to generate one on request for now. Here is the latest standalone version below:

By the way, since we last spoke, we’ve released automation support for Logic 2! More details below:

We recommend porting over your automation script since this will be the version we will officially support moving forward.

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Thank you for the suggestion @timreyes , but I gave a try to Logic2 and it looks a lot sluggish compared to Logic1. Also some of the analyzers are not present in the Logic2 GitHub - kasjer/saleae_spiflash: SPI flash protocol analyzer for Saleae Logic. And compared to the already existing one GitHub - adafruit/Logic2-SPIFlash: Basic SPI Flash command decoder for Saleae Logic 2 I see some differences on how the data is presented and unexpected crashes when larger SPI transactions are decoded.

I will keep an eye on the Logic2 and give it a try if the resource consumption (RAM, CPU) and overall behavior improves.

Thank you for the support and the work that you guys have put on Saleae 2!

@alex.balan Thanks for giving Logic 2 a try. For the analyzer you mention below:
GitHub - kasjer/saleae_spiflash: SPI flash protocol analyzer for Saleae Logic

The original community developr for this third party analyzer will need to update their repository to follow our new build process below:

You can attempt to update the build process using the instructions above, and using a local copy of their repository on your PC. Let us know if you run into any specific issues with that!

By the way, could you share more details about your experience with Logic2 being sluggish? If you can provide some example scenarios or PC usage statistics, that would be helpful for us to look into improving if needed.