Open Capture fails with RamDrive ( ImDisk ) on Windows

I had to turn off my RamDrive since the “–enable-logging” demonstrated that Logic 2.4.1 could not load captures when it unzips the .sal file.

My workaround is to turn off the RamDrive, reboot, then open the capture. It was somewhat mysterious, but solvable.

@parmstrong Thanks for shring your workaround! We don’t validate our software with RAM drive software in mind. I saw your post below as well:

Hopefully it’s smooth sailing for you from here. Should you run into any further issues, feel free to let me know!

Since I’m a developer, I use Visual Studio, and a ramdrive/ramdisk speeds up compiles like you wouldn’t believe. I also like to alleviate SSD erosion by keeping %TMP% and %TEMP% pointed into the ramdrive.

I did try changing the environment variables to instead point to SDD space and re-running the Logic software, however, the software doesn’t appear to use either of those environment variables to determine where to place its temporary unzipping of the .sal files.

I must correct the above statement of changing the %TMP% and %TEMP% as not working.

I believe a Windows Admin must change the system environment %TMP% and %TEMP% instead of the username environment.