Logic 2.3.35 failed to unzip (.sal) file

Hello all,

I have problem with measurements capture file ( .sal). I have recieved measurements capture file ( .sal) done by my friend, and I have tried open it in Logic 2.3.35.
When I try to open that capture file in my Logic 2.3.35 environment. I see information in the bottom on the left side: " failed to unzip file ". Do you know cause of that issue and know the solution for it?

Thanks for your support.

A sal file is a zip. So, the first thing I’d do is rename it .zip and see if your OS can open it. If not, it is corrupted.

I done that before, and this file is unable to open properly as a .zip file.

@lorens.szymon We’ve seen .sal capture files become corrupt in the past (very rarely) for reasons we’re unsure of right now. We certainly need to do a better job of preventing this, in case it happens at the time of saving. We have this on our backlog to investigate.

In the meantime, would you be comfortable sharing your .sal file with me as an attachment?

Otherwise, you can also send it via email using the link below. This will open up a support ticket. If you do so, just include a link to this discuss post and let us know it’s you.

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@lorens.szymon Oh you know what, disregard my last message! Just saw your email come. I’ll be in touch there.

In the past issues of this sort happened when binary files were transferred as though they were text files with the result that they could be corrupted (due to handling of line ending characters) or truncated. These days that is pretty unlikely to be the problem, but as a sanity check you could compare the reported size of the file in bytes on your friend’s system and on your system.

Issue Update: The measurements capture file is corrupted permanently. Referring to support investigation it could be caused by too early closing Logic environment when saving of the capture was not completed.
Issue Closed.