Constant crash when opening saved files

With both 2.3.52 and 2.3.52 on Windows 10, I have constant crashes with working with saved files if the device is not connected. It can happen at any time but seems to happen very often if resizing vertically to fit all traces on screen.

Very frustrating…

Sorry about this… I’d like to look into this for you. Could you share the following information with me?

  • Your machine ID (instructions below). This will help us see if there were any uploaded error reports during the crashes that might help us get to the bottom of it.

  • A copy of the software logs generated by the Logic 2 app during the crash (instructions below)
    Getting your Software Crash Logs - Saleae Support

  • Are you able to consistently reproduce the crashes? If so, can you share the exact steps with me? Feel free to upload your saved files and we can test the same behavior on our end.

  • Can you confirm again which versions you tested? Did you mean 2.3.52 and 2.3.53?

Machine ID:

Versions 2.3.53 and 2.3.52

I can’t seem to consistently reproduce the problem. I don’t think it has occurred when the Logic8 is connected though. Logs attached. Thanks

graphio-2022-05-19– (14.2 KB)
for your help.

@birt_j Thanks for the information. I’ve added this to the backlog to discuss with the software team next week.

I can’t seem to consistently reproduce the problem. I don’t think it has occurred when the Logic8 is connected though.

This seems to indicate an edge condition. In the meantime, if you happen to be able to reproduce it consistently with a particular .sal capture file, can you upload that as well? It would help greatly if we can reproduce it on our end as well.

Instructions below for saving a .sal capture file.

@birt_j We looked into the error reports generated by your Machine ID and we unfortunately couldn’t find anything helpful.

The next step would be to get your .sal capture file if you can provide that to us. Our next hunch might be that you are running out of disk space (assuming the crashes occur while the capture is being saved).

Otherwise, if you can send a .sal capture file, we could attempt to resize its channels vertically in the same manner to see if that might trigger the crashes on our end.


I’m not running out of disk space. Thinking back about when this has happened, I have been at work, captured some data, saved the .sal file, disconnected the LA. I close down the laptop and take it home with me. Later that night I will open the laptop, usually the program is still running and when I try to do something it crashed. Even when I opened the saved file again it crashed. The only action I can remember taking is resizing all channels to fit the screen. I suspect this is from the difference in size of my two monitors at work and the laptops screen. I don’t recall that it has even happened when I have the LA connected.

Looking at the log files I see several that are 0K in size and indeed that are empty. I’m now guessing that maybe this is the result of the crash. The next time I have a crash I will send you that .sal file.

It just crashed again. This time I had opened up a previous capture (to use same settings). Did a new capture, saved it, and the it crashed. I am attaching the capture (it has not been opened since the crash) and the log.

graphio-2022-05-29– (25.1 KB)

@birt_j Thanks for the update on that. We received your files and we’ll take a look at any new uploaded error reports your PC could have sent us during the crash you saw.

With regards to your .sal capture file, I played around with resizing the channel heights and app window vertically but couldn’t reproduce the crash.

You mentioned the following note as well.

  • Could you describe for me what exactly you were doing when it crashed?
  • Did you cause it to crash in a similar manner as you previously reported? (i.e. resizing vertically)
  • Are you able to reproduce the same crash by using the saved .sal capture file you sent over?

It crashed right after the save was done. I checked that the file was in the target directory (Logic does not reflect the file name after a save so I like to check the target directory), as soon as Logic was back in focus it crashed. I opened the file after sending it to you and had no issue.

@birt_j That’s intersting to hear that the crash occurred simply after bringing the Logic software back into focus. I’m starting to think that the capture file has nothing (or very little) to do with the crash. I haven’t had a chance to review your uploaded crash reports with the team here yet, but this is on our to-do list. I’ll keep you updated on our findings in the meantime.

Hi @birt_j, very sorry for the trouble with this. This is very odd, we haven’t seen any other reports of crashes like this.

From the log files you’ve sent, it looks like there is a chance that the log files aren’t flushing when the app crashes.

Instead of opening the application the normal way, could you open the application from the command line, following these instructions, before using it? Then, if the app crashes, you can copy & paste any messages printed to the command line and send them to us.

cd "\Program Files\Logic"

As soon as you run Logic.exe, you will start seeing a handful of log messages, that’s normal.

That will capture both the logs from the UI and from the backend at the same time, hopefully that will provide more information as to why it’s crashing.