Utilities for .sal files

Will there be any utilities that can work on.sal files directly?

I’ve poked around with it and found that the binary files that are compressed inside are different than the binary files that are output by the export function.

Hey @Scarzer. Unfortunately, we don’t have any plans to develop any utilities outside of our Logic 2 software to work with .sal files.

You’re right, the binary files are very different formats.

Is there any specific use case for preferring to work with .sal files directly over the standard export files?

I found the .sal file to be somewhat more convenient in being able to send around than a directory of binary files.

The ability to get an export of the binary data from the .sal without opening up Logic 2 is ultimately what I was trying to achieve. With the idea that I would receive a .sal from a colleague and be able to export and run a script on the output without having to leave my terminal. And then automating that process.


We are walking in the same boot. It is PITA that sal files format is not documented.
I personally would not need any utility to be provided. Just a format description.

In the old times somewhere there were some mentions that the data there is serialized with boost and it depends on a lot of things (sample rate, etc.) so documenting it would not be straightforward.

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+1 for any kind of documentation on the .sal format to minimize the amount of GUI interaction needed for automated captures.

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This request seems to be more needed than we initially thought. I just created an idea post below:

Please vote and comment to help with getting this on our roadmap.

I understand it’s not really a “feature” per say, just really a documentation exercise. Nonetheless, still requires cycles from the team, and therefore a roadmap evaluation before committing to it.

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Hiya, I was wondering if there was any updates on being able to interact with .sal files without opening up the GUI.

Some documentation or any sort of path to be able to export to CSV or binary without opening up the GUI.

@Scarzer No updates as of yet, and this is not officially on the roadmap. We’re still tracking the idea I’ve posted here before we commit to it. Please add your votes/comments to it as it may help us with prioritization!

Just throwing out an idea.
Maybe once simulation mode finally gets supported by V2 there might be a path forward for users to develop their own solution for this. Users could export their captures from V1 to a specified file format (V1 SDK allowed for plugins to define their own Export options, something that I think is still missing in V2) and then create a plugin (or maybe an HLA) that reads in the file and reproduces the waveforms using simulation mode.

Of course there are plenty of complications to this approach, but maybe this would be sufficient for those asking for such a migration path. This approach might be more inline with Saleae protecting IP and reducing scope. Users would have the option to develop as complex of a migration tool as they see fit.