Logic 2.2.15 - Unable to load a saved capture

When loading a capture (106 MB) with 4 channels and 2 UART analyzers (ch0 and ch2), Logic 2.2.15 runs out of memory while loading/analyzing the data.

I am running on a laptop with a i7 9900K, 32 GB of RAM and a RTX 2080. The 32 GB gets filled up in no time, and once it starts adding 10 GB to my swap file my machine locks up.

Using Ubuntu 20.04, if that makes a difference (I had to run Logic as root with --no-sandbox).

Any idea how to load my capture?

Sorry for the trouble, this definitely shouldn’t be happening. Would you be able to share the capture? I’ll send you a message directly.

No worries. I’ve sent you a link by email and message.