Memory limitation on Linux


I came across this post: Logic 2 crashed when capturing large SPI data, which feels very related to an issue I’m facing.

In brief, Logic 2 captures are crashing when typically getting around 4-5 GB (or less when analyzers, like the SPI one, are on) while the machine still have a lot of free RAM (>20 GB).

The console shows:

@saleae/electron/main: renderer process died { reason: 'crashed', exitCode: 133 }
sendToFrame() failed: Error: Render frame was disposed before WebFrameMain could be accessed
Attempting to call a function in a renderer window that has been closed or released.
Function provided here: bundle.js:870:5498
Remote event names: close

I’m running Logic 2.4.9 on Ubuntu 20.04. Could you please confirm if:

  • this is indeed a known limitation, related to the ticket I linked - or something different?
  • if there is any plan to resolve this issue. With this limitation, it restricts a lot the usage of this otherwise great product.

Many thanks

I can confirm this. If you have the SPI analyzer on the exact error you posted will happen within short order. I didn’t have it happen without the SPI analyzer but it could happen. But, I don’t think it’s specifically a memory usage problem. I could set my capture buffer to 8GB and capture analog traffic and it successfully gets up to 8GB and stays there. So, the program itself seems perfectly able to allocate 8GB of RAM. It seems to be something else but I don’t know what.

Hi @Collin,

Thanks a lot for your fast reply. I unfortunately can also reproduce without any analyzer turned on.
Would you have suggestions about debug data collection to be able to track further down why this error triggers?


@maxe7 Unfortunately, we may not have an update on this since Mark shared his thoughts on this below:

We did update to Electron 19 very recently (around 2 weeks ago) when we released 2.4.9, however, seeing as you are still seeing the issue on your end, it likely didn’t include the fix for this.

Let me get this on our software team’s backlog to review and we’ll get back to you on this.

@maxe7 I was able to check on this with the rest of the team here. Unfortunately we don’t have a fix yet, though, it’s currently tagged as a high priority issue.

Hi @timreyes,

Thanks for checking, much appreciated. I will stay on the lookout for release notes :wink:

Looking forward to a version with a fix.

I think we have this fixed!

I will try reaching out to both of you, @maxe7 and @Collin, with an internal build. If you wouldn’t mind testing it for us, that would help a lot.


Hi @markgarrison,

This sounds like great news! Thanks a lot for following up on this thread :+1:. Of course, I’m happy to support the testing.

Best regards

I too am facing the same issue on my Linux Machine. If you have a patch or beta software that works that would be awesome!

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We fixed it!

Logic 2.4.13 introduced the fix for this, and it’s out now! Please let us know if you have any trouble with it!

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