Logic 2.3.16

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Logic 2.3.16


  • Improved pan/zoom detection of trackpad events
  • Added missing dialog close buttons, improved dialog UI, updated application menus

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where starting a capture with the capture settings sidebar open would change the zoom level
  • Fixed temporary analyzer database cleanup. This will automatically cleanup any older analyzer database files still on the computer too
  • Fixed crash on Linux when loading analyzers from a directory that contains files inaccessible due to permissions
  • Fixed crash with analyzer deletion race
  • Fixed internal error when trying to stop a capture after it’s already been stopped
  • Fixed rare error with unknown scroll wheel device that would not not zoom in or out horizontally


I am getting very high HDD usage with 2.3.16. I do not use it, I just leave Logic 2.3.16 idle and it shows hdd transfers of 30 MB/s. This is not normal. CPU usage is also high for an idle application.

It seems this starts when I load a capture from before. Disk usage goes 100% ! This overloads my computer.

It probably has to do with this temporary analyzer database cleanup.
I see “analyzer_db” files in AppData\Local\Temp are using the disk.

Whatever this is, it is taking too much resources and too long too complete, preventing me from doing recordings properly.

Thanks for letting us know!
Does it happen every time?

Yes. Everytime I open a capture it starts using the hdd at 100%.

I tried 2.3.15 and it happens again. Once I load a capture it halts my computer: mouse does not move, I can not even kill Logic 2 … it is at the point where it will damage my computer …

And which version should I use to avoid this problem? I want to load a capture and compare with an old one. It is currently impossible.

Actually the problem is when loading a specific file (created with 2.3.16):

or when a recording is completed with these channels.

OK … you software is unusable … I had to hard reset my computer 5 times … UNUSABLE!!!

After further analysis it seems the problem might be in:

“Simple Parallel” analyzer which tries to build the bytes out of all rising edges, but what happens is that it overloads the HDD in just 5 seconds.

Tested with 2.3.15. Memory usage goes to 5GB ? This is not normal.

I’m really sorry about that. We’ll look into this ASAP
It might be a bug in the analyzer or in the indexing service.

From a first impression, it looks like you have 19 million results, so 5GB might not be that far fetched, however, we’re still looking into this.
Have you noticed by any chance if the progress bar was updating? What OS are you using?

Also I was thinking if this is a .NET application then you might want to limit the .NET parallel processing in the Simple Parallel analyzer: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/9290498/how-can-i-limit-parallel-foreach

Parallel Processing is good for utilizing the CPU at 100%, but in my case (a bit older computer) it freezes my computer.

Yes, there are too many values to build in the Simple Parallel. Actually I do not need these millions of values. In reality I need only the first 10 to verify that my card is working.

So you can slow down the processing priority or set a limit to the values processed. The default value can be the first 500 values for example.

Still I am not sure this is the only problem here.

I’m glad that it’s working for you (partially, at least :slight_smile: ). One suggestion that might help is using the timer option (or the trim after capture option). This way, you can capture only 0.1 seconds of data for example.

I need recordings longer than 0.1s.

The other problem is when the values are printed in the terminal view in Simple Parallel. This also hijacks the memory and the HDD.

The only way to use your software is to use “Affinity” in Windows and set Logic 2 not to use more than 4 cores out the 8 I have, so that the computer is not overloaded.

start /affinity 4 C:\Progra~1\Logic\Logic.exe

Just wondering if there has been any progress on the USB LS/FS analyzer?

Either the ability to filter better (like only export information from frames that have data associated with them…)

Or the hooks to allow the HLA to work?


Another quick question, which I will experiment and try to answer myself:

In the thread:

There were two User added Analyzers that might help out. I tried one of them which is nice, now I thought I would try the second one (QSPI).

Question is: can I specify multiple paths in the preferences for the Custom Low Level Analyzers?
Example ; separated?

Again I can and will try it and see, but thought I would ask as maybe the hints or like should say one way or another. I am guessing not, as the (i) says: the path…
But thought I would ask anyway…

Update: multiple paths separated by ;'s does not work.

We only support a single location at the moment (sorry…), however, you can add multiple analyzers to that folder and it will load all of them. I hope that it helps

Curios. Did you investigate my problem where Logic 2 consumed my 8 cores so that I was forced to restart 10 times ?