Logic 8 pro proglem - USB connection frequenctly reset by windows

I bought a very new Logic 8 pro device in July 2023, which definitively have the USB3.0 feature.

but when I connect it to my laptop USB3.0 port, the software logic (version: 2.4.7) always disconnected/connected the device very frequently. (almost once in 20 seconds)

Every time when it “reset”, it will create a new connection session, which is realy very disturbing.

Anyone can help?

@siwei.xia79 Sorry to hear that! The device shouldn’t be disconnecting like that. I’d like to get started by trying to find the source of the issue. The new session tab being created upon each “disconnect/connect” event is simply due to the fact that the software thinks the device is actually disconnecting and reconnecting (we create a new session tab when this occurs).

To get the warranty process started, can you run through the troubleshooting steps below and then submit a warranty request form when prompted?

That will open up a support ticket on our end and I can chat with you via email from there, as we may need to discuss shipping you a replacement device, USB cable, or suggest recommendations if the issue might lie elsewhere.