Device won't capture in Logic 2.3.39

Hey fellows,

I used Saleae Logic Pro 8 in Logic 2.3.39, I recently found out my device won’t capture anything even I press the Start button many times. The following figure looks nothing happen; however, I just press the Start button, and it just doesn’t capture. Then I shutdown Logic 2.3.39 and open it again, then I found that it could not find my device; thus I re-plug it again, but the GUI could still fail to find my device several times. The whole thing just happened over and over again. Does anyone find similar situations?


Hi Alan, this is certainly strange behavior, and there could be a chance that your Logic Pro 8 hardware has gone bad. In that case, I’d be happy to help process your warranty and get you a working unit asap.

First, I’d like for you to report the results of some tests.

  1. Can you check if your PC is even able to detect the Logic Pro 8? Instructions below. Please test this on all USB ports as well.
    PC Detection Test - Saleae Support

  2. Are you able to test the connection on another PC? If it fails on another PC, that’s more evidence that the hardware has gone bad.

  3. In addition to the tests above, can you also run the tests below?

In #3 above, if prompted to do so, please go ahead and submit the warranty form with your test results. You can also include a link to this forum post as well so I’ll know it’s you if/when the warranty form comes in.

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