Original Logic with new Logic 2

I have an old Logic (the $150 one from a while back). I recently updated to Logic 2 and I was surprised to see that it worked fine - the first time

When I went back to use it again, the device doesn’t show up in lsusb. In dmesg I get the following:

[ 1815.899940] usb 3-3: new full-speed USB device number 19 using xhci_hcd
[ 1815.900280] usb 3-3: Device not responding to setup address.
[ 1816.108274] usb 3-3: Device not responding to setup address.
[ 1816.315920] usb 3-3: device not accepting address 19, error -71
[ 1816.316087] usb usb3-port3: unable to enumerate USB device

Curious if anyone has any hints. I tried it on three different systems (two linux and an osx machine) and it did not get recognized. I found some stuff that recommended setting my usb to legacy in the bios or force a 2.0 mode, but at least one of the linux boxes that was not an option.

@JarvyJ Oh no! That doesn’t sound good. My first thought is that your Logic may have somehow gotten damaged. On Linux, lsusb should report “Saleae” and it’s VID and PID.

  • How does the device appear in MacOS when opening System Report? We discuss this specific test in the support article below:
    PC Detection Test - Saleae Support

  • What Linux distro are you running?

  • Did you happen to do anything that may have damaged the unit from the time it worked to the time it started failing? In case you hooked it up to a DUT, you can double check some of the abs max ratings below, as well as some common failure points.
    Safety & Warranty - Saleae Support

  • Does the same issue occur on all USB ports?

  • Does the same issue occur on another USB cable?

Thanks @timreyes for getting back! I’ve had this little guy for years and has always been super nice to use, glad to get any help I can.

  • It doesn’t actually show up in the USB Device Tree on OSX
  • I’m using pop_os (a ubuntu derivative) on both machines. I haven’t done any major upgrades since the last time it was working
  • Last DUT I used it with was a 3.3V microcontroller that was powered off of USB. I’m not always the most careful when unplugging, so something odd could’ve happened.
  • Yes, unfortunately on all USB ports i’ve tried don’t work. Front/back ports, through a hub, via USB-C connector and nothing.
  • I tried it with two different cables and it’s still not coming up

@JarvyJ If it’s not showing up in the USB Device Tree in OSX, then it certainly sounds like the hardware has gone bad. As a quick and final check, I’m curious to know if you have a Windows 10 PC to test this on. I’d like to see if it appears under Device Manager, perhaps under “Other Devices” as a “Westbridge” device like shown at the top image in the support article below:

pop_os is not an officially supported OS for our products, and we don’t run any tests on it. Therefore, I’d like for you to test on Windows if possible to see if your unit fails to be detected on 2 officially supported OSes.

If your device has in fact gone bad, It’s quite sad to see that your unit all of a sudden stopped working so quickly. Some of the more common failure points are listed below, which i can share as a reference, but sadly won’t bring your unit back to life:

Although your device is now out of warranty (we no longer have a way of replacing or repairing the Original Logic), I’d like to help in some other way, perhaps via a significant discount on our current products.

In case you’re interested in this, would you mind sending me an email using the link below? I’d like to open up a support ticket for this. You can just provide the link to this forum post and direct the email to me (Tim) and I’ll know it’s you.

Hopefully we can help in some way, and I wished your Original Logic could have lasted longer :frowning:

I get a “USB Device Not Recognized” pop-up when plugging it into a Windows machine and nothing in the “Other Devices” in device manger. It does show up as a “Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)” in the “Universal Serial Bus controllers” sections.

I went ahead and manually tried install the driver with it, which Windows let me do (it still lived in the USB controllers section in device manager), but Logic still didn’t pick up on it.

@JarvyJ Thanks for running those tests.

That’s an interesting note below. The fact that it shows up under the USB controllers section of Device Manager is potentially good news.

I just saw your email come in. I’ll reach out to you again through there.

For anyone curious, we ended up finding out that their original unit is likely broken…

Device Manager reported a device descriptor failure when checking the unit’s VID and PID.