Logic 2 panning when zooming out (curser moves relative to data)

I noticed some annoying behaviour in the Logic 2 software.
When I’m zommed in on a data packet I often position my mouse cursor over the data packet to keep track of its position when zooming out.

But when you reach the maximum zoom-out-level, the view is panning sideways to center the capture. In principle this behaviour makes sense (because without centering it obviously has no data to show on one side), but it is quite frustrating to loose position with the curser (see the last frames of the animated gif, you suddenly see the data shifting under the cursor).

Is there anything you might change with a new software version to optimize the behaviour in this case?


@j.sandrock Sorry about that! I see what you mean, and I could see how this behavior gets annoying.

How far do you typically zoom out, and what kind of information are you looking for when zooming out? Could you share more information about your typical workflow, as well as what kind of data you are working with, and what you are debugging?

When using the mouse scroll wheel, we may decide to prioritize locking the mouse position with the waveform, rather than prioritizing zooming out (to avoid the shifting phenomenon). Then, we could allow the keyboard shortcuts up/down or PageUp/PageDown to perform the zoom in/zoom out without any regard. However, this could get confusing, especially for users who expect the mouse scroll wheel to just zoom out. I want to avoid the situation where a user gets confused as to why the scroll wheel zoom out suddenly “stops working.”

Hope to hear back!

It depends a lot on the length and type of the capture, there are different cases where I want to zoom out completely.
One case would be when I have multiple events of the same type in one recording, e.g. a device rebooting several times. When I look through the data and find a weird packet I want to zoom out to see the whole recording to check which boot event it was.
The data I look at is a UART stream most of the times, but can also be other serial protocols in combination with some GPIO digital lines.

I agree, locking the zoom-out mode could lead to a lot of confusion. An alternative might be to keep the recording centered around the cursor, and when there is no more data to show on one side, just show an empty recording there? Or maybe greyed out, to make it clear, that there is no recording.
If this could be added without changing too much of your overall code structure it would be really helpful!

@j.sandrock Makes sense! Thanks so much for describing your workflow. I’ll add some notes on our end and I’ll bring this up with the team here. I’ll make sure to keep a link to this forum post handy as well so we can pull it up quickly when needed.

This request actually relates pretty closely to another request below. It may require the same UI/UX improvements with regards to allowing “empty recording” space at the ends of the capture if needed.

Thanks for the tips!

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I frequently drop markers (Ctrl+Shift+T) on points of interest. That makes it easy to find and navigate between several different points.

You may also find my ReSearch extension useful for finding specific strings.