Keyboard Shortcuts Missing in Logic 2

After migrating from Logic 1 to Logic 2, there seems to be at least one important keyboard shortcut missing…

Zoom to Region : Shift+Click and drag over region to zoom
I used this function all the time when using Logic 1… and now that it’s gone in Logic 2, navigating around and zooming into sections of a big trace is horribly cumbersome and time consuming… my mouse wheel is gonna wear out from zooming in & out all the time!

@tearnest Sorry for leaving this feature out in the Logic 2 app… A handful of other users have mentioned the same request, and I can certainly see the reasoning for needing this. We’re currently tracking interest for this feature in the idea post below:

I went ahead and added a comment/vote for you as well so we can track your need for this.

Apologies for not having a near-term solution for you.