Logic 2.3.6

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Windows - Linux - MacOS

What’s New

  • Warning when a USB host controller driver is out of date and could cause device reliability problems.
  • Analog interactions toolbar to easily navigate the analog data
  • Mouse dragging of analog channels allows X and Y panning simultaneously (once a certain Y threshold is met)
  • New analog keyboard shortcuts - zoom, pan and fit
  • Scroll up and down the channels via space + scroll
  • New preferences menu


  • Improved channels context (right click) menu
  • Unsupported WebGL error handling
  • Show a notification on device disconnection instead of creating a new tab

Bug fixes

  • Missing analog calibration when loading a capture
  • Fixed bug where extensions would not load and updates would not download if the internet connection used a proxy.
  • Fixed bug where application would stop working properly after the system suspended and resumed.
  • Fixed bug when loading extensions from a non-ascii path.


New analog zoom menu

New channel hide/show menu

New preferences dialog

Did you change the keyboard shortcut for vertical zoom on analog channels? I think it used to be ctrl+zoom, or alt+zoom. That shortcut now zooms both axes at once, I don’t see how that could possibly be useful, I would recommend reverting it.

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Yes, we added the option to zoom on both axes at once. However, the vertical zoom is still available by Ctrl+alt+scroll.


All keyboard shortcuts can be found in the main menu

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My point is that I think it should be swapped to be more similar to previous versions (ctrl+scroll for vertical zoom, ctrl+alt+scroll for zooming both) because zooming one axis at a time is more predictable and useful. Unless you have come to the opposite conclusion through user testing?

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Thanks for your feedback @jonathan.gjertsen and I see where you are coming from. Please keep the feedback coming. I’ve made a poll to capture some more customer feedback on this topic. [Poll] How do you like our new Analog Interactions?

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In general more modifiers should map to less common actions or augmenting some simpler modifier action. In this case a simple Ctrl+scroll for vertical zoom could augment to Ctrl+Shift+scroll for zoom both. Zoom both is both less common (for me at least) and an augmentation of zoom vertical.

Personally I’d rather shift+scroll did the horizontal zoom rather than unadorned scroll. I’d much rather unadorned scroll scrolled the data horizontally. It causes me a lot of under the breath swearing when I switch between different applications that swap those two functions (zoom and scroll) for unadorned scroll. The fact that it’s called a scroll wheel should give a hint about its default role.

I disagree. The scroll wheel on a mouse, yes, is called a scroll wheel but many applications use it unmodified as zoom because that makes more sense in most contexts. For instance, I’ve never seen a 3D application use the scroll wheel to default as “pan”. They all use it for zoom. The only place I see the scroll wheel scrolling is in text interfaces like word processors, IDEs, and web browsers. I really think I’d be grossed out by using the scroll wheel to scroll in Logic. It feels very wrong to me, the default click and fling feels natural and right to me. I guess everyone is different.

But, I do agree that zooming both axes is the least useful and common so should have the most modifiers.

I understand where you are coming from. In practice zoom versus scroll seems to be a coin toss, even in applications such as Logic. Our company’s 25 year old data collection and analysis application uses the scroll wheel to scroll data and Ctrl+scroll to zoom. Our new re-immagining of the same application uses the wheel scroll for zoom!

The schematic capture and PCB design software I use does the scroll thing by default and uses Ctrl+scroll for zoom. And so on.

There is a simple answer: make it a configuration option/Preference.