Logic 2.3.20

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Windows - Linux - MacOS

What’s New

  • Access and discover shortcuts via the command palette (Crtl-P or CMD-P)


  • Improvements to HDMI-CEC analyzer (thanks to guzu)
  • Updated Raw Data Export dialog layout with digital channels listed first & added all / none buttons to make it easier to filter channels
  • LLAs using the AddChannelBubblesWillAppearOn API call will no longer see empty bubbles
  • Analyzer bubbles now show 400 characters, helping you to see more of your data on screen

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where you could try to load a preset on a tab that didn’t have a valid device
  • Fixed issue where very early (late 2014-early 2015) Logic 8s would have about 10% voltage error. Only a few hundred units affected.
  • Fix Raw Export Dialog showing incorrect analog sample when capturing with an analog sample rate of 31.25 kS/s or below.
  • Fixed bug where pressing Ctrl+A or Ctrl+C in the analyzer terminal would scroll the terminal to the bottom

Great to see more characters in bubbles, but there is still the major (in my mind) issue of not using the bubble real estate correctly as zoom increases:


compared with the same trace zoomed out a few clicks:


I expect the issue now relates to the shown text being clipped to the matching shown waveform and I can see that argument (“fill the bubble” versus “show only the waveform data”) going either way. Having thought about it a bit, maybe it’s not a major issue any more.

If my analysis is correct the “fix” is to justify the text in the bubble so characters line up with their position in the waveform. I can understand that that may be technically challenging! :slight_smile:


@P.Jaquiery Thanks for the feedback! Yes you’re right, the algorithm used was fairly straightforward. The data shown in the combined bubbles are still in sequence (same behavior as before), so you’re right that the positioning can be misleading when zoomed out. Perhaps we can implement a way to skip the data we show every now and then such that it would be aligned with the waveform below it, though we might not be able to prioritize that right now.

Maybe the fix isn’t so hard, or at least an improvement can be made I’m guessing fairly easily. At higher zooms individual characters get their own bubble:


so maybe all that is needed is to allow the character bubbles to be narrower and effectively set the “bubble per character” mode to kick in at a lower zoom.


@P.Jaquiery Here are screenshots of the “bubble per character” state vs “combined bubble state”, one zoom tick away from each other.
Screen Shot 2021-03-16 at 7.15.12 PM

Screen Shot 2021-03-16 at 7.15.21 PM

So a potential fix would be that, for the bottom image, we should still be in the “bubble per character” state (so long as there is still more room per bubble). Is that correct? If so, I can get this on our backlog to review.

Yes, from the outside that seems like a fairly easy solution that gets most of the way to a complete fix.

I suspect there will be a zoom range area where “character per bubble” isn’t quite compact enough but the single bubble is too compact. However it’s bound to be a whole lot better to my eye than it is currently - I’ve been grumping about bubble text for almost a year. :slight_smile:

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and I still grumble about it! Pet peeve is truncated text in a large bubble. I frequently use high speed serial logging to track device state then capture that with the logic analyzer to give context to the other traces. I frequently hit the situation, as shown below, where the text in a bubble is artificially truncated.

If I adjust zoom a little I hit the issue where the text is centered in the virtual bubble rather than being aligned to match the end of the bubble that is visible:

One day some dev team bandwidth will open up and this will get fixed and it will be wonderful. :smiley:

@P.Jaquiery Thanks for the reminder on this, and sorry this behavior still hasn’t been fixed. I really wished we could prioritize this. We unfortunately haven’t updated the bubble-combining-algorithm (at least not in any major way) since we last spoke about this.

I’ll ping our product and software team about this again, though it’s likely we still don’t have dev team availability to jump on it.