Logic2 / Logic1 empty bubbleText

I’m currently working on my LogicAnalyzer.
I noticed that empty bubble text behavior is a bit different between Logic1 and 2.

In Logic2, even if a bubbleText is left empty (considering the channel), it create a bubble.
In my case, it create overlaping bubbles on my different channels.

In the example below, i only added 1 frame to my results, and only added text for channel IO:



@ftrefou Thanks for letting us know this behavior. This could be due to the changes we made to bubble behavior in Logic 2. I’ll need to dig into this with the team and get back to you.

In the meantime, can you let me know if the empty bubbles are causing any noticeable issues elsewhere? Or are you simply looking to know why Logic 2 handles bubbles differently?

Good catch!

The main reason for the difference is that the analyzer API wasn’t originally intended to support conditionally displaying bubbles only some, but not all channels registered with AddChannelBubblesWillAppearOn for a given frame. Because of this, we didn’t maintain the behavior when we implemented the API for Logic 2.

I think this is easy to fix, and I have a prototype, but I don’t have an analyzer to test with. Could you send your analyzer source, with a sample capture, I could use to test with?

@timreyes bubbles actually don’t cause any critical issues. It’s more a visual aspect because they appear on channels where i display bubbles of different length. Logic2 has trouble to know wich frame to display.
The trouble i’ve potentially identified is that frameV2 don’t show in tabularText, instead i only see Type: framev1. I’ve got a lot of overlaping frames so perhaps it’s causing this issue.
Zoom out show protocol “high” interpretation:

Zoom in show characters (and ATR isn’t visible anymore)

It’s perhaps a bad choice i’ve made to try to display different protocol levels over a single capture in the analyzer.

@markgarrison I have to check before sharing source code, but you can reproduce this case by modifying your i2c analyzer:

I attach the patch and a capture:
res.zip (33.0 KB)

@ftrefou Thanks for the update, and hope you had a great weekend. Glad to hear bubbles aren’t actually causing any critical issues.

Thanks also for providing the patch/capture. We haven’t had a chance to reproduce and test with our prototype fix. We’ll keep you updated as we make some progress on this.

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@ftrefou We’ve finished the fix for the bug and will include the fix in the next release of the Logic 2 software! Thanks for your patience while we worked on that, and thanks for reporting it.

In the next update, if a custom analyzer does not add any result strings for a frame, it will not get displayed in the app.

Ok thanks for the update!