Apple Trackpad support

Hi. I am using Logic Pro 8 for about two months now and I love it. Great product!
I just started testing Logic 2 (I downloaded Alpha 14 today). I work on an iMac with a Trackpad. Would it be possible to better support the Trackpad gestures?

  • Panning left-right with two fingers works well.
  • Moving up-down with two fingers does not scroll, but zooms. This is natural for a mouse, but not for a trackpad. When the number of channels exceeds the window’s height, scrolling up/down would be useful.
  • Zooming should instead be done by pinching with two fingers. It also sort of works, but it is far too sensitive. Just pinching a bit will change the zoom factor a lot!


Hey Marc,

I’m glad to hear that you love the product.
This is an interesting feedback! From my experience, most people don’t use pinching and assume that scrolling will behave similarly to a mouse scroll, but maybe I’m wrong here :slight_smile:
I can discuss that with our UX designer as I’m not an expert on that field.

How do you like Logic 2 except for that?

Thanks a lot for the feedback!

Hi Rani,

Thanks for considering this request. I also use other applications such as Photos or Affinity Designer with the trackpad, so I now have these gestures stored in my finger memory :slight_smile:

I love Logic 2, especially the live capture, and I hope I’ll never have to go back to version 1! I just started using it but will use it almost daily in the coming weeks, so I hope to discover new features!

Working with Logic (and Logic 2) is so refreshing compared to the logic analyzers I have used before. Congratulations and keep up the good work!


I know that feeling… We’re still iterating on the keyboard shortcuts so they might change in the near future. My apologies in advance :slight_smile:

The next version of the live capture will be even better!

We’d love to get some feedback or feature requests. As part of it, if you could share screen recordings with us describing your workflow that would be awesome. Understanding your (and others) use cases is super helpful for improving the app and building new features.