Improper zoom on 2.3.30

Super sweet fast scrolling as data is captured in 2.3.30! Wow that’s smooth. Awesome job.

I’ve got a capture where there is 5s of capture time, with my trigger (a rising edge) way over on the right. I had 50ms of post-trigger capture set. After a capture and trigger, I find that:

A) It does not automatically center the trigger rising edge after capture is finished

B) With it all the way zoomed out, if I put my mouse on the rising edge (trigger position) and zoom in, the rising edge moves way off to the right of the screen and can’t be seen. Unlike before, there’s no way for me to just zoom in on the area of interest when that area is very near the right hand edge of the screen.

As I play with the capture more and more, I can see that this behavior is not consistent. Sometimes I am able to zoom in on the trigger position way at the right of the screen, but sometimes I’m not. I can’t tell what it depends on.

I can reproduce this easily, but as you say, with variable results. For my test I recorded about 3s of data at 125MS/s then set a marker about 10ms from the end of the data. Zoomed all the way out the horizontal scaling is 100px = 218ms and a few pixels are shown to the right of the marker. I then set the marker as T0.

If I position the mouse cursor just to the right of the mark beyond the point where the cursor shows as a “move marker” cursor then zoom in the first click zooms in to 100px=154ms and the right edge of the trace is at about -0.25s. This behavior is consistent down to a zoom of 100px=45ms. At higher zooms there is a transient jump to the right before the zoomed trace is redrawn correctly.

Note that you can use the scroll bar at the bottom of the trace window to scroll the the end of the data. Or you can click and drag to bring the point of interest back on screen.

Strangely there is no keyboard short cut to scroll to the ends of the data. Home and end seem obvious for the task, but Home instead is “zoom right out” and End is unused!

@Brian Glad you’re liking the framerate update!

@Brian @P.Jaquiery Thanks for all the details on that behavior. We’ll run some tests on our end and report back on our findings. Might be a bit tricky given how it doesn’t seem consistent.

I don’t think you’ll have any problem reproducing the strange behavior. If you do, just let me know and I’ll make a little screen capture of it happening.

We were able to reproduce it quite easily with the capture file below.
Trigger-To-Right.sal (3.3 KB)

We’ll get this fixed! Thanks for letting us know.

By the way, for your feedback below:

A) It does not automatically center the trigger rising edge after capture is finished

I’ve got your need for this logged in the feature request below. Unfortunately, we haven’t implemented the ability to center to the trigger directly after the capture.

@P.Jaquiery I’ve added your feedback about the Home and End keys to the idea post below as well. We’ve compiled all the feedback about keyboard shortcuts there. Thanks!

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@Brian I have a quick update for you with regards to the zoom in behavior when the trigger is located to the right.

We’ve pushed a fix and we plan to release it in the next update v2.3.32. I don’t have a specific date for the release yet, but you should receive a popup in the app once it’s ready. Hopefully that solves it for you!

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