Auto zoom to trigger point

Trying to get the screen to always jump to the trigger point when stopped recording.
Is this possible?
Still need the data recorded before and after the trigger. Just get the trigger to always center on the screen when done.


Thanks @helge ! We’re currently tracking the idea below. I agree we should implement this as it’s fairly common to want to see the trigger point right away directly after a capture. Feel free to add your vote/comments to it! I added a link to your discuss post from there so we can track your need.

Agreed, this seems like a no brainer. It’s frustrating to always have to zoom out then in again, just to get to the trigger. Thank you Helge for bringing it up! Thank you Saleae for implementing this! I just updated to 2.3.42 and it works wonderfully!

We’re still working out the product plan for this, but it’s getting there. In the meantime, there are two different shortcuts for this:

  1. (We’re going to improve this) there is a yellow “jump to trigger” arrow on the timeline when the trigger is off screen.
  2. Ctrl+J will jump to the trigger.

Could you tell me about your workflow?

  1. Are you capturing over and over, looking for the same event in each capture?
  2. How frequently are you taking a new recording? (every few seconds? just a few times total?)
  3. What are you triggering on?
  4. Are you looking for other events in the capture, besides just the trigger location? Any thoughts on how we might make it easier to find these events?

If the trigger is off screen to the left, this button jumps to it
the same, for the right side